What Type of Crisis or Crisis Scenario Should I Be Planning For My Organisation?

Having understood what is a crisis or crisis scenario, it is essential for any organisation to have a clearer view of the types of crisis scenario that they are planning for.  It is critical to identify the types of crisis that could occur and which crisis scenario is most likely and of highest impact to the organisation should it occur.
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Once you have understood the definition of a crisis and how it applies to your organization, proceed to take a hard look to identify the issues that can develop into a crisis.  

One of the major elements of effective Crisis Management (CM) and Crisis Communication (CC) planning includes an assessment of the most likely crisis scenarios. The issues can span the organization and may include how an organisation leadership conduct itself as a concern, a growing list of safety violations or a stream of negative news stories.


The challenge for most professionals embarking on crisis management is the tendency to define crisis management in accordance to their functional role or job responsibility.  It is recommended that one takes a view of the "universe" of crisis and then decide what is "in-scope" for your functional responsibilities.  However, many a time, the crises identified that do not fall into your functional roles are discarded. 

What are the Types of Crisis or Crisis Scenarios?

Some of the basic types (or categories) and causes of crises:

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  What are Natural Threats?

What is A Technological Threat?

What Is A Confrontation Crisis? What Is A Crisis of Malevolence ?  
  Organization Misdeeds Workplace Violence Malicious Rumors Lack of Fund  
  Appendix 1: Causes of Crisis Appendix 2: Crisis Types and Causes Appendix 2: Crisis Types and Causes Appendix 3: Examples of Crises Types  
  Appendix 1: Causes of Crisis Category of Crisis Types Crisis Types by Attribution of Crisis Responsibility Examples of Crisis Types  
A Manager’s Guide to Implementing Your Crisis Management Plan


Goh, M. H. (2016). A Manager’s Guide to Implement Your Crisis Management Plan. Business Continuity Management Specialist Series (1st ed., p. 192). Singapore: GMH Pte Ltd.

Extracted from Chapter 29 to 31: Appendix 1 to 3



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