What Is A Crisis of Malevolence in the Context of Crisis Management?

Organisations face a crisis of malevolence when some notorious employees take the help of criminal activities and extreme steps to fulfill their demands.
Moh Heng Goh

An organisation faces a crisis of malevolence when opponents or miscreant individuals use criminal means or other extreme tactics for the purpose of expressing hostility or anger toward, or seeking gain from, a company, country, or economic system, perhaps with the aim of destabilizing or destroying it. 

IC_CM_MalevolenceTypes of Malevolence

Malevolence can come in 2 different forms:

  • Internal influences
  • External influences

Internal Malevolence includes such threats like employee violence, sexual harassment, and discrimination (Due to race, sex religion etc.) towards other staff. So long as the threat originates from within the organisation (and is typically posed by staff members of said organization) it is regarded as internal.

External Malevolence includes threats like Product sabotage, Equipment Sabotage, Extortion, Kidnapping, Corporate Terrorism, and Cyber terrorism. So long as the threat originates from outside the organization, it is classified as external. 

Real-life Examples of Crisis of malevolence

1. Product Tampering

2. Kidnapping company's officer

3. False rumors all lead to crisis of malevolence 

4. Extortion

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