Crisis Management Series

What is A Technological Threat?

This series provide a detailed explanation of the types of crisis scenarios that could occur to an organisation.  Technology crisis usually occurs as a result of the failure of a technology.
Aqmar Azizi
Crisis Management Certified Planner-Specialist-Expert

A technological threats arises as a result of a failure in technology. Any disruptions or problems in the overall systems will lead to technological crisis.

Technological Crisis

IC_CM_TechnologicalTechnological threat is one of the major types of crisis or crisis scenario are caused by the human application of science and technology. Technological accidents inevitably occur when technology becomes complex and coupled, and something goes wrong in the system as a whole (Technological breakdowns).

Disruption to Organisation's IT System

Often, this type of crisis is directly related to the breakdown of the IT systems.  The crisis in this case are handled by the provision of a IT disaster recovery (DR) plan.

Technological Breakdowns

Loss of Operating Vessel

In recent years, events such as hazardous substance spill, software failures, industrial accidents, oil spills, breakdown of the machine, corrupted software and soon gives rise to the technological crisis. Actual examples includes Chernobyl disaster and Exxon Valdez oil spill.

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If your organisation is operating vessels such as a ferry cruise or a aircraft, and it is failed, this can be classified as a Technological Breakdown.

Some technological crises occur when a human error causes disruptions (Human breakdowns). People tend to assign blame for a technological disaster because technology is subject to human manipulation whereas they do not hold anyone responsible for the natural disaster. When an accident creates significant environmental damage, the crisis is categorized as mega damage. be categorized as a technological failure.

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