Crisis Management Certification Series
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Crisis Management Certification

Participants aspiring to enhance their crisis management skills and attain the three levels of professional certification, according to their work experience at BCM Institute, have compelling reasons to enroll in their training programs.

Firstly, BCM Institute is renowned for its comprehensive and cutting-edge curriculum, designed to equip professionals with the knowledge and expertise to navigate and effectively manage crises. The training covers various topics, including implementing crisis scenario assessment, crisis strategy and crisis management plan, providing a holistic understanding of crisis management.

BCM Institute’s crisis management certifications are available for all crisis management and appointed CM or designated professionals who want their experience and competency validated by an independent business continuity management body.

Azizah Nurdin
Crisis Management Certified Planner-Specialist-Expert

[LP] Certification [CM] Crisis Management

CMCP Crisis Management Certified Planner Certification (Size 100) CMCS Crisis Management Certified Specialist Certification (Size 75) CMCE Crisis Management Certified Expert Certification (Size 100)

Crisis Management Certification


To obtain a crisis management (CM) certification, one has to fulfil the following conditions:

  1. Attain the relevant courses attached to the desired crisis management certification
  2. Pass the qualifying certification examination
  3. Send in the appropriate certification application fees
  4. Send in the certification application form detailing 3 or 5 (depending on the desired certification) crisis management experiences about the BCM Body of Knowledge (BoK)

Certification would then be awarded once the independent certification body is satisfied that all conditions are met. Certifications are then valid for one year, after which yearly renewals are needed to ensure the validity of the certification.

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Certification Type Crisis Management Certified Expert Crisis Management Certified Specialist Crisis Management Certified Planner

CM Expert Implementer/ Manager 

CM Implementer

CM Planner

Course Code

CM-5000/ 400 



Pre-requisite needed to attend the course
No  No No
However, you will need the necessary years of experience when applying for certification. No
Certification Application Processing Fee SGD 150 SGD 75 SGD 50 Complimentary for Year 1
Number of BCM Body of Knowledge 3 of 5 BCMBoK 2 of 5 BCMBoK Not Required
Year of Experience Required to be Eligible for Award of Certification > Three years > One year Not Required
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More Information About Crisis Management Blended/Hybrid Learning Course

To learn more about the course and schedule, click the buttons below for the  CM-300 Crisis Management Implementer [CM-3] and the CM-5000 Crisis Management Expert Implementer [CM-5].

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Please feel free to send us a note if you have any questions.

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