Crisis Scenario Resulting from Workplace Violence

Crisis Scenario: Workplace Violence arises when employees are indulged in violent acts.

Suhana Sunreh

CTA KMA Know More About CCViolence striking the workplace is a nightmare scenario for any organization. Unfortunately, the ugly reality is that these things can and do happen, as has once again been made apparent by several recent workplace shootings, all occurring within one week of each other.

Workplace Violence

IC_CM_WorkPlaceViolenceSerious injury events or casualties within business premises are disruptive as they hinder normal business operations.

If you think your organization is in the clear because you don’t have “disgruntled employees,” you may want to think again. Contrary to misconception, angry ex-workers are not the most frequent perpetrators of workplace violence. In fact, in two-third of workplace homicides, there is no known personal link between the assailant and the victim. Factor in that domestic acts of terrorism are often focused on the workplace, and the threat of “random” workplace violence grows.


Beating employees superiors in the office premises itself.

Reflection as a BCM Practitioner

As discussed in "What Crisis or Crisis Scenario Should I Be Planning For My Organisation?", you may wonder whether this type of crisis may not be part of your job scope. The key in this discussion is to identify the types of crisis scenario and for a responsible professionals who had identified the potential likely crisis to raised it to the right interested parties to implement the crisis response to this set of specific crisis scenario.

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