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Suhana Sunreh
Chandrasekar S [Speaker]

Who is Chandrasekar S?

Chandrasekar S is a certified IT Resiliency and..

Suhana Sunreh
Kang Meng Chow [Speaker]

Who is Kang Meng Chow?

Before founding Averitus, Meng-Chow has been a..

Suhana Sunreh
Veronica Oh [Speaker]

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Who is Veronica Oh?

Veronica is..

Suhana Sunreh
Mohd Radzuan Mohamed [Speaker]

Managing COVID-19: Challenges and Lessons on BCM Practices for Malaysia

Who is Radzuan Mohamed?


Suhana Sunreh
Christine Kempeneers [Speaker]

Who is Christine Kempeneers?

Christine is a PARIMA-ANZIIF Certified Risk..

Suhana Sunreh
[BL-WSQ-BCM-Catalog] What WSQ BCM Courses that are Available?


Business Continuity Management Blended Learning [BL] WSQ Course

In view of..

Suhana Sunreh
Stelios Aronis [Speaker]

Academic Qualification

Suhana Sunreh
[BL-5-Catalog] What Expert Level Blended Learning Courses that are Available?


Expert Level Blended Learning [BL] Certification Course

In view of the..

Suhana Sunreh
Irene Lye [Speaker]



Business Continuity Certified Expert(BCM Institute), 2004

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