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Azizah Nurdin
Gan Kwai Liang (Speaker)

Who is Kwai Liang?

Kwai Liang is an experienced risk management professional..

Suhana Sunreh
Michael Andrew Jocson [Reviewer]

Who is Michael Andrew Jocson?

Through all incidents and calamities, he has been..

Suhana Sunreh
Karen Chan Ka Yan [Reviewer]

Who is Karen Chan?

Karen is currently the lead of the Corporate Crisis..

Suhana Sunreh
Mukthar Ahamadu [WSQ Assessor]

Mukthar is an experienced personnel in training and personal development..

Suhana Sunreh
Ruwaid Ali Ajaj [Speaker]

Who is Ruwaid Ali Ajaj?

Ruwaid is a highly dedicated Risk Management Executive..

Suhana Sunreh
Marcus Ang [WSQ Assessor]

Marcus was a Senior IT engineer and trainer for Microsoft technologies in..

Suhana Sunreh
Chris Needham-Bennett [Speaker]

Who is Dr Chris Needham- Bennet?

Since establishing the company in 1996, Chris..


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