Meet-the-Expert  Webinar Pandemic Influenza and Infectious Diseases Series

The current Pandemic Influenza or Infectious Disease Outbreak has been an evolving "crisis" and there is a need to constantly adapt to this Coronavirus or COVID-19.

This webinar series is an member generated demand who want to know the changes and adaptation that organisation need to make especially for the crisis management team and the business continuity management team to manage this COVID-19 outbreak.

Moh Heng Goh


MTE Webinar Pandemic Influenza and Infectious Diseases Series [2020]

This is a summary of the Pandemic Influenza and Infectious Diseases Webinar Series.  This is BCM Institute's conference and seminar series to support our members in their continuing education and sharing of challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic preparedness and business continuity planning.

The webinar is always scheduled on Thursday, 3 to 4 pm (GMT+8).  Click the blog to read more about the webinar

[#1] March 26th, 2020 [#2] April 2nd, 2020 [#3]  April 23rd, 2020
20200326 MTE [1] Pandemic Webinar
MTEWEBINAR_Series 2_Facebook


Communication During Pandemic Outbreak Crisis Leadership Needed During Pandemic Outbreak

 Business Continuity Versus Pandemic Preparedness

[#3A] April 23rd, 2020  [#4] April 30th, 2020

[#4A] May 11th, 2020

Managing and Minimizing the Organisational Impact of COVID-19 with [ISACA Singapore]

Remote Working During COVID-19

Returning to Normalcy After a Pandemic Outbreak Lockdown (MCO) with [ISACA Malaysia]
[#4B] May 21st, 2020

[#5] Jun 11th, 2020

[#6] June 25th, 2020
MTEASIS_May_Facebook MTEWEBINAR_Series-5_Page Webinr #6 MTE 25 Jun 2020 COVID-19 Cybersecurity: From Lockdown to New Normal
Exiting a Pandemic After Lockdown: How To Return To The ‘New’ Normal (Circuit Breaker) with [ASIS Singapore] Is Our Pandemic Preparedness Ready for COVID-19 COVID-19 Cybersecurity: From Lockdown to New Normal [Specialist Series]
[#7] July 9th, 2020 [#8] July 23rd, 2020 [#8A] August 6th, 2020
series 7






COVID-19: Managing the Crisis and Transforming to the New Normal for Tertiary Institutions [Specialist Series] Managing Supply Chain Resilience & Disruption [Specialist Series] Post-Lockdown Recovery: What is the New ‘Normal’ Going to Look Like? [PSIS]
[[#9]  August 27th, 2020 [#10] Sep 10th,2020 [#10A] Sep 17th, 2020
MTEWEBINAR_Series 9_eDM MTEWEBINAR_Series 10_eDM MTE_Webinar 10A_eDM
Is Your Crisis Communication Plan Prepared for a Pandemic Managing COVID-19 for Financial Institutions & Preparing for the New Normal  Beyond COVID-19: BCM Consideration for Emergency Personnel
[#11] October 1st, 2020 [#12] October 15th, 2020 [#13] November 26th, 2020
MTE_Webinar 11_eDM
MTE_Webinar 12_eDM
MTE_Webinar 13_eDM
Business Continuity Strategy: Re-alignment in the Post COVID-19 World COVID-19 Maintaining and Re-positioning a Telecommunication Provider Toward The New Normal  Post COVID -19: Rethinking Business Continuity to Meet Emerging Needs


Do You Want to Continue Training During A Pandemic Outbreak?

BCMI LogoDue to the pandemic outbreak, BCM Institute will be conducting its certification courses via interactive video conferencing, online and e-learning mode. Find out more about the Business Continuity Management (BCM) and Crisis Management (CM) Blended Learning (BL) courses.

For this period, the content will include the managing and implementing of the Pandemic Influenza plans.  Perhaps you'd like to check out our latest blended learning in view of the COVID-19 Outbreak Restrictions?

BL-B-5 Blended Learning Tell Me More BL-CM-5 Blended Learning Tell Me More CC-5000 Blended Learning Tell Me More
Business Continuity Management [BCM-5000] Crisis Management [CM-5000] Crisis Communication [CC-5000]
BL-DR-5 Blended Learning TMM Tell Me More BL-A-5 Blended Learning Tell Me More
IT Disaster Recovery [DRP-5000] ISO22301 BCMS Lead Audit [BCM-8530]
Contact us today to find out more at sales.sg@bcm-institute.org

A Manager’s Guide to Implement Your Infectious Disease Business Continuity Plan

Reference Guide

Goh, M. H. (2016). A Manager’s Guide to Implement Your Infectious Disease Business Continuity Plan, 2nd Edition. GMH Pte Ltd.




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