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Moh Heng Goh
[BCM] Case Study: Implementing Business Continuity Management (BCM) for a University in Singapore

BL-OR-3-5 Blog Under ConstructionCase Study:..

Moh Heng Goh
[BCM] Case Study: Executing BIA to Determine Critical Business Functions for a University

Case Study: Critical Business Functions for Singapore Management University..

Moh Heng Goh
[ESG-3] Drive Resilience Using Data

The article highlights the power of using data from technologies like IoT to..

Moh Heng Goh
[ESG-4] Internal Coordination to Organise BCP and ESG

The article highlights the missed opportunities when BCP and ESG teams work..

Moh Heng Goh
[ESG-2] Embed BCP into ESG

The article highlights how a robust BCP minimises negative impacts on all..

Moh Heng Goh
[ESG-1] Embed ESG into BCP

The article "Embed ESG into BCP" highlights how considering ESG factors during..

Moh Heng Goh
[BCM] Influence of ESG on BCM Strategies

Influence of ESG on BCM Strategies 

Establishing solid metrics ensures that ..


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