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Azizah Nurdin
Crisis Management Certification

[LP] Certification [CM] Crisis Management

Azizah Nurdin
Crisis Scenario Due to the Spreading of Malicious Rumors

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Azizah Nurdin
What Crisis Strategy to be Adopted? Starting with Crisis Prevention
CTA KMA Know More About Crisis Management


Azizah Nurdin
What Type of Crisis or Crisis Scenario Should I Be Planning For My Organisation?
CTA KMA Know More About Crisis Management

Once you have..

Azizah Nurdin
Which Crisis Management Certification Am I Eligible For?

Congratulations, as I assumed you completed our certification course and..

Azizah Nurdin
Learning To Implement Your Crisis Management Plan? [CM-300]

Are you tasked to implement the crisis management (CM) plan for your..

Azizah Nurdin
[CM-5000] Most Comprehensive Crisis Management Expert Level Course

Attend the Most Comprehensive Crisis Management Course

Is this the Right..
Azizah Nurdin
Am I Ready to Attend the Crisis Management Manager [CM-400] Course?

CM-400 is the second installment of the CM-5000: Crisis Management Expert..


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