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Aqmar Azizi
Which BCM E-learning Package Should I Attend?

Welcome to BCM Institute's E-learning introductory page on the planner courses..

Aqmar Azizi
T4: Design Profile for Integrated Test

Table of Content [1] for BCM Testing and ExercisingThis is a series..

Aqmar Azizi
FAQ [BCM-5000] on Singapore Government Funding for ISO22301 BCMS Expert Implementer Course

Frequently Asked Questions on CITREP+ Government Funding?


Aqmar Azizi
FAQ on ISO22301 BCMS Manager [BCM-400] Course

Business Continuity Certified Expert (BCCE)Welcome to BCM..

Aqmar Azizi
FAQ on ISO22301 BCMS Implementer [BCM-300] Course

Welcome to BCM Institute's introductory page on the ISO 22301 BCMS Implementer..

Aqmar Azizi
Complete Your Final Installment of Advanced Level [BCM-400] Training Course

BCM Managers who have completed the pre-requisite, BCM-300 ISO 22301 Business..

Aqmar Azizi
How Do I Prepare and Train The Rest of My Organisation Staff Members on BCM?

As the focus of a typical BCM program is to ensure that the competency of the..


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