Crisis Management Professional Certification Series
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Which Crisis Management Certification Am I Eligible For?

Learn about BCM Institute's Crisis Management (CM) certification series, including the requirements for obtaining each level of certification, its prerequisites, and how to submit an application for each level of certification upon passing the examination.
Azizah Nurdin
Crisis Management Certified Planner-Specialist-Expert

Congratulations, as I assumed you completed our certification course and examination.  It is time to verify your experience matches and be awarded the appropriate certification. 

BCM Institute's certifications are available for all business continuity and crisis management professionals who want their experience and competency validated by an independent crisis management professional on BCM Institute's certification committee.

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Our certifications are available for all crisis management professionals (at the Planner, Specialist and Expert Level) who want their experience and competency validated by an independent crisis management certification body.

CM_CL_RotationHere, we can advise you on obtaining your crisis communication certification.

Attending and Passing the Examination

You must pass your examination upon attending any of the Crisis Management courses we offer.

For other certifications than the Crisis Management Certified Planner (CMCP) certification, you must send in an application form detailing your experience in crisis management regarding the BCM Body of Knowledge (or BoK), which you can easily reference via our BCMpedia website.

Don't forget to pay the application fee before submitting your completed forms.

What are the Prerequisites for obtaining each certification?

CMCPCrisis Management Certified Planner (CMCP)

* Do note that this course can only be attempted via e-learning.

CMCS-1Crisis Management Certified Specialist (CMCS)

  • Attend and Complete the  CM-300: Crisis Communication Implementer course;

  • Pass the Qualifying CMCS examination;

  • Have at least one year of Crisis Management (CM) or Business Continuity Management (BCM) professional experience;

  • Be able to describe the implementation and your role in at least 3 BCM or CM related Body of Knowledge (BoK)

  • Send in the SGD 75 CMCS Certification Application Processing Fees

CMCE-1Crisis Management Certified Expert (CMCE) 

Submitting the Application Form

  • Upon passing your qualifying examination, our Certification Team will email you a Certification Application form and a Checklist.
  • Please ensure to complete the Certification Application form in an editable MS Word document.
    Note: If Application From is sent via PDF, we shall request you to resend as an editable MS Word document as we DO NOT accept PDF format
  • Please submit your completed Certification Application and Checklist forms to It is important that you ensure that the Application Form is signed and dated.
  • Make sure the Certification Application Processing Fee has been paid before submitting.

How Long Would It Take for Me to Gain My Certification?

Your application form will be submitted to our Reviewer Board Committee, which will then assess it. They will award you the relevant certification if they are satisfied with all the information and you've met the conditions set. Please understand that certifications are valid for one year, after which yearly renewals are needed to ensure their validity.


Do take note that the review of applications by BCM Institute's Certification Review Committee takes approximately 
  • Four weeks for CMCS
  • Six weeks for CMCE

During the application review process, the 
Certification Review Committee decides whether the Application is:

  • Approved (application, experience and education meet requirements)
  • Returned for re-submission (an element of the application is missing or does not meet minimum standards for level and may be resubmitted for a lower level) OR
  • Rejected (applicant does not meet minimum requirements for level)

How do you know that you have been awarded?


  • Successful applicants will receive the e-Certification award via email from BCM Institute.
  • The validity of the BCM Institute Certification is one year from the date of the certificate's issue.
  • CMCP Candidates shall receive their E-Certificates within seven working days from the day they pass their qualifying examination.

Renewal of Certification

Many people have asked why we need to renew our certification yearly and why we can't restore it whenever possible.

To maintain the currency of our certification, the institute keeps a list of active certified professionals, as existing and new employers often ask them. 

More Information About Crisis Management Blended/ Hybrid Learning Courses

To learn more about the course and schedule, click the buttons below for the  CM-300 Crisis Management Implementer [CM-3] and the CM-5000 Crisis Management Expert Implementer [CM-5].


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Please feel free to send us a note if you have any questions.

Email to Sales Team [BCM Institute]

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