Module (Day) 4 of CM-5000 Crisis Management Expert Implementer [BL-CM-5]

This is the detailed course curriculum and examination objective of Day 4 of CM-5000 course.


Upon completion of Module 4, you are required to attempt the Qualifying Crisis Management Certified Expert (CMCE) Examination.

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CM-5000 Crisis Management Expert Implementer Training Roadmap [Module 4]

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Description of Module [Day] 4 Course 

BL-CM-5 M4 Course Requirement CM-5000 The Day 4 helps students understand the key elements for training and awareness, identify the types of audience and their training needs, establish functional and awareness training requirements and develop corporate awareness and training methodologies and programs.  

IC_BL-CM-5_Mod4This module reviews the overall CM framework and clearly defines the structure, event flow and roles and responsibilities. It creates a common understanding for the definition of crisis management, emergency management and addresses testing and exercising of crisis management functionalities and CM awareness campaigns.

Integrated exercises as an advanced testing tool is introduced to the student in this module. Key test objectives are discussed, and examples are given on how integrated tests might be conducted to achieve a higher level of resiliency in the organisation. It describes simulation exercises and how these differ from other forms of tests and exercises. Tips on how to design simulation exercises will be shared as well as how these tests can be assessed. A simple template will be used in this segment of the course to help students understand the process of simulation test design.


Detailed Course Content

Topic Description
Module 4 Session 1
Maintain Training and Awareness
  • Understand the key elements for training and awareness
  • Identify the types of audience and their training needs
  • Establish functional and awareness training requirements
  • Develop corporate awareness and training methodologies and programs
Review CM Programme
  • Define the CM framework
  • State the CM structure, flow of events, roles and responsibilities
  • Create a common understanding of crisis management, emergencies, definitions
  • and classifications
  • Test and validate the CM functionalities
  • Conduct CM awareness campaign, internal & external to the organization
Conduct Advanced Level Testing and
  • Identify the types of CM exercises to be conducted
  • Understand the CM exercise process
  • Develop the CM test and exercise schedule
Design Exercise and Test Profile
  • Understand the key elements for training and awareness
  • Identify the types of audience and their training needs
  • Establish functional and awareness training requirements
  • Develop corporate awareness and training methodologies and programs
Module 4 Session 2
Design and Develop Integrated Exercise
  • Identify and define the integrated test
  • Understand the test process
  • Develop test
Design and Develop Simulation Exercise
  • Identify and define simulation exercise
  • Understand the test process
  • Prepare and develop a crisis simulation exercise

New call-to-actionDeliverables

  • Able to apply the knowledge into actual CM implementation and develop crisis simulation exercise.




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CM Expert Certification

CMCE-1The Crisis Management Certified Expert (CMCE) Certification would be awarded to participants who successfully completed and passed the Qualifying CMCE examination attached to the course, sends in an application detailing at least 3 years of BC experience, make the application processing fee payment of SGD 150 and satisfies and meets the experience requirements of the independent certification body.


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