Crisis Management Training-led Implementation Series
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[TL] [1A] [PM] Starting the CM Project

This series is part one [1A] of the reading for the CM Program Lead [or CM project team leaders and members] designated to embark on a CM implementation or responsible for updating the CM program.

The organisation can use this approach to update, develop, implement and finalise its CM program.

For a typical organisation, this is the start of the project (even if they already have an existing CM plan). This phase of the CM planning methodology is the CM Project Management or PM phase.

Azizah Nurdin
Crisis Management Certified Planner-Specialist-Expert

Starting the Training-led Crisis Management Project

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It uses a combination of training supported by experienced CM professionals to develop, implement, and finalise an organisation's CM program.

Why Should You Select Option: The unique strength of this approach is upgrading competency for the entire CM team designated to implement or maintain the plan. 

Next is that there is a sense of ownership of the respective components and plans, as the actual owner writes the function or product/services. 

Finally, the cost is reduced as it is treated as a training course but achieves the result of an initial CM consultancy project.

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Certain information is required to kick-start a working framework for the engagement as part of the overall CM project. 


GMHProfessional Support:  We must highlight that any additional work that is not training-related will be implemented by BCM Institute's associated partners, such as GMH Continuity Architects and other consulting partners.  However, the current delivery approach is sufficient to develop and finalise your CM plan.

Complimentary Value-Adding Services: Before starting the CM project with your organisation, a working framework, including the standard project management features, is developed. A review of your existing framework and policy will be provided at no charge if the number of participants exceeds 12.


1.  Engagement Letter
  • A letter of acceptance to BCM Institute or purchase order from your organisation to confirm the project and training.
  • Note that this is a training and not a consulting engagement.
2.  Participant List
  • Provide a list of participants who are usually appointed Crisis Management Planning Team members.
  • Document the department the participant belongs to, his or her job role and designation in the CM planning team, the name of his or her reporting manager, and his/her contact details.
3.  Organisation Structure
  • Provide an organisational structure showing the business units and sub-units and, if available, the acronyms for these units.
  • Provide information on the makeup of existing crisis management and emergency response teams.
4.  Schedule for Project Tasks
  • Develop and agree on the schedule for project tasks, including workshops, template submissions, consultation and presentations.
  • Note that all participants must attend the workshops and finalise their submissions after the first review by the CM workshop facilitator.
5.  Related Organisational Policy and Framework
  • Make any company CM and BCM policy and framework related to risk management available to the workshop facilitator. The facilitator will ensure that any new policies and procedures to be developed during the project align with these existing ones. 

6. Competent Crisis Management Program Lead


  • New call-to-actionCrisis Management Program Lead should be competent before the CM project and subsequently maintain the CM program.

  • It is recommended that the designated Crisis Management Program Lead attend the CM-5000 Crisis Management Expert Implementer course.
    Click the iCM-5000 con on the right to view more of the course.

Stage Deliverable

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A kick-off meeting should then be arranged to brief Management by the CM Program Lead on the project plan and how the project would be implemented.

Now that the CM project has been initiated, it is time to "Develop CM Structure and Framework."  Click the icon below to read more.

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Phase 1A Phase 1B
Project Management

back to TOC Training Led Crisis Management ImplementationOnce the project initiation or the setup of this project to update your BCM program is completed, we will follow procedures to execute Module 2 of the CM-300 CM Implementer courses for the following areas:

  • Crisis SCeanrio Risk Assessment (CRA)
  • Crisis Management Strategy (CMS)
  • CM Plan Development (PD )

Training-led CM Implementation Roadmap

CM-300 Crisis Management Implementer


Module 1

Module 2

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Module 2
Session 1 Session 2
Overview of CM Project/ Program Crisis Management Strategy
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Crisis Scenario Risk Assessment CM Plan Development
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