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How Do I Start My Crisis Communication Learning Journey?

If you are a new aspiring or seasoned business continuity or crisis management team leader or members, you will definitely be involved in the crisis communication process.  Here is where you often find it challenging to identify the right (level) Crisis Communication training and certification course to attend.

Moh Heng Goh

If you are sourcing for a crisis communication (CC) course which is relevant to you as part of the crisis management or business continuity management team, this is the blog that you should continue to read.  It is useful to note that Crisis Communication competency is structured as one of the five discipline or domains for Business Continuity Management.

Most crisis communication course focus on the delivery of the message in front of the media.  Begin an effective spokesperson is critical but supporting the entire communication process is what BCM Institute is attempting to raise the competency level to match the delivery of the message during a crisis. Here is where you really need to get your knowledge up to speed. But where do you start? How do you go about doing it?

Here at BCM Institute; we know precisely what you need and how you can go about getting all the essential skill sets expected of you in this new supporting role.

If you’ve gone through our website, you’ve probably been overwhelmed by the number of courses available for you. Fret not, here’s an easy way to make sense of it all.

First, find out how big your new job scope is going to be. Do you need to show proof of your competency? If you do, then I’d suggest you look into our group of certification courses. Join BCM professionals from international corporations like Google, DHL, Canon, AIA and Citibank to obtain your internationally recognized BCM certificate with us.

Types of Courses That You Can Attend

If you look further you will notice that our courses are divided into three competency levels: Know-Do-Manage.


If you had previously attended a BCM Institute's course, you would have experienced results in an upgrading or an enhancement of your capability to manage a crisis, of which crisis communication is an essential component.  So, these courses are best suited for BCM (CM and IT DR) practitioners.  The courses are:

You may have noticed that CC-200 or Crisis Communication Planner [Competency Level: Know] is mentioned in the table and yet there is no reference or URL link  to it.  The reason is that if you are attending a classroom course, it is only offered as part of a 2-day course and it is conducted as part of Day 1 of the CC-300 Crisis Communication Implementer course.  However CC-200 course is only available to locations whereby BCM institute is not represented,  as it is available as an e-learning course with effect from 1st Jun 2019.

Read more about the level of expertise (Know-Do-Manage)and the competency or What is My BCM (CC) Competency Level? that you are in and is going to attain 

Hope this article helps in your journey to discovering the right course for you.

Read More about enhancing your journey toward an expert for crisis communication by clicking "Minimizing Reputation Lost Through Effective Crisis Communication."

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