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[CM-3] What is CM-300 Crisis Management Implementer Course?

Should I attend the two-day "brick-and-mortar" course [CM-300] or the blended learning course (which requires the same commitment in terms of timing) that stretches over a period of 8 weeks?  What are their differences? What I should know before enrolling on the course? Is attending another two solid days of video conferencing or ZOOM sessions to complete this course really effective for you?

Participants who have completed the blended learning was initially apprehensive as it stretched over a longer period but later felt that they have learnt and are able to have a more complete learning experience because of the preparatory work before attending the class and the experience sharing by the facilitator during the class rather than teaching the content of the subject.

Irene Lye

New call-to-actionBL-CM-3, or Blended Learning (BL) for Crisis Management (Intermediate level), is our alternative approach to training that combines online educational materials and opportunities for interaction online, as opposed to traditional place-based classroom methods.

The onsite version is called the Crisis Management Implementer or CM-300 course. Our re-engineered program does not include another two days of videoconferencing or Zoom sessions but rather focuses on when your compulsory contact hours can be fully utilised with the sharing and guidance of our experienced instructors.

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This blended learning version requires the facilitator's and participants' physical presence, with some elements of participants' control over time, place, or pace.

While a professional seeking to learn more still attends the onsite classroom-based schools with a facilitator or instructor being present, face-to-face classroom practices are combined with computer-mediated activities to deliver the content from wherever you are located.

Click the icon to learn more about the "Course Content" of each module and what you can expect or "Course Requirement" as a participant for this course throughout the two modules.  


Module (Day) Course Content Course Requirement
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Post-COVID and our blended learning (100% online) is still a preferred initiative for participants who want to undergo BCM professional development and training with us.

The rationale is the extensive practicum provided during Module 2, whereby the participants had to complete an inventory of what CM participants would have to prepare and submit to the CM team.

In Module 1, the participants are grounded in the fundamentals of crisis management, completed in a self-paced course.


More Information About Crisis Management Blended/Hybrid Learning Course

To learn more about the course and schedule, click the buttons below for the  CM-300 Crisis Management Implementer [CM-3] and the CM-5000 Crisis Management Expert Implementer [CM-5].

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Please feel free to send us a note if you have any questions.

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