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[CM] Project Planning Vs Planning Methodology

While both crisis management concepts are crucial, they serve distinct purposes. A crisis management project plan is a specific action plan to implement the project and it outlining steps to complete it successfully.


On the other hand, the crisis management planning methodology is the overarching framework that guides the creation of this plan.


Imagine a recipe (methodology) providing instructions for various dishes and the cooked dish (project plan) being the specific meal created step-by-step following a chosen recipe.

Moh Heng Goh
Crisis Management Certified Planner-Specialist-Expert

CM Project Plan Vs CM Planning Methodology

Often, people ask me this question when embarking on their crisis management journey: What is the difference between a crisis management project plan and a crisis management planning methodology?

The reply is that it lies in their scope and purpose.  This is a simple comparison of the differences.

  Crisis Management
Areas Compared CM Project Planning CM Planning Methodology
Focus A specific plan outlining the initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and control and finally, closure of the project. A framework or approach used to develop a crisis management plan.
Content This section details steps for implementing crisis management as a project involving several phases similar to traditional project management methodologies. This section provides a structured process for identifying potential crises, assessing risks, developing response strategies, and establishing communication channels.
Purpose Establish a roadmap that outlines the scope, objectives, deliverables, timeline, resources, and activities required to complete a project. Guides the creation of a comprehensive crisis management plan tailored to an organisation's specific needs.
Example A detailed project plan outlining project initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and control and finally, closure of the project. A planning methodology involving risk assessment, stakeholder identification, communication strategy development, and team formation to create a crisis management plan for various potential threats.
Analogy Cooking Steps (Project Plan) Recipe (Methodology)
Explain Analogy The cooking steps are the step-by-step approach to cooking the dish based on the specific recipe. They detail the exact steps, ingredients, and quantities used for a meal. A recipe provides general instructions and ingredients for creating a dish. It outlines the overall process but can be adapted for different types of dishes.
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Summing Up ...

In short, the crisis management planning methodology is the "how" -  it guides the development of the crisis management plan, which is the "what" - a specific action plan for responding to a crisis.


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Goh, M. H. (2016). A Manager’s Guide to Implement Your Crisis Management Plan. Business Continuity Management Specialist Series (1st ed., p. 192). Singapore: GMH Pte Ltd.



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