Crisis Management Training-led Implementation Series
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[TL] [5] [PD] Implementing the CM Plan

This series is part [5] of the reading for participants embarking on a "Training-led CM Implementation" with experienced CM professionals facilitating and reviewing the initial submission. 

The organisation can use this approach to update, develop, implement and finalise its CM program. 

This is the next phase after the Business Continuity Strategy phase, the Crisis Management Plan Development or PD phase.  All CM Program Team Members will develop their respective CM plans here.

Irene Lye
Crisis Management Certified Planner-Specialist-Expert

Implementing the Crisis Management Plan

At this stage, you are about to attend the CM (Plan Development or PD) or Module 2 Session 2 of the CM-300 course. After completing the Crisis Management Strategy (CMS) phase, this three-hour session will be conducted.

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Developing the CM plan is one of the highlights of the CM planning project. To reach this point, you have had to understand your organisation's risk environment and focus your plan on the most relevant crisis or disruption scenarios.

You also had to identify crisis scenarios that would disrupt your business or cause reputational damage and develop a process that would quickly allow you to return to normal. Afterwards, you selected a CM strategy to help you recover from the crisis.

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The CM Plan Development (PD) phase helps re-focus organisation functions and services and their high-level strategy for management approval.

Then, it converts them into implementable action steps before, during, and after a crisis.

The process of conducting PD as part of the Training-led CM Implementation series is as follows:



1. Supplementary Readings

  1. Before the workshop starts, participants will receive emails containing bite-size information (in the form of blogs) on the concepts and implementation of the CM plans.

  2. The purpose is to introduce participants to the fundamental concepts before the workshop.

  3. Participants are strongly encouraged to read the short articles. This will help them optimise their time at the PD workshop by giving them a basic understanding of "What is CM Plan Development?" before they start the workshop.

What should participants do "Before" the Workshop?

Participants are encouraged to:

  1. Read through the supplementary material and try to write down any questions they may have on PD.
  2. Complete the E-Learning module "CM Plan Development", which is done during Module 1
  3. Download the "CM Plan template from the eCampus Portal
  4. Complete the CM Plan templates with the help of the "Guidance Notes" before attending the workshop

It is important to note that the workshop is a 1-time group event.  Hence, participants must lock this event in their calendars. No repeat workshop will be conducted for absent participants.

2.  Facilitated Workshop

Templates are used to guide the CM plan's documentation.

What should participants do "After" the workshop?

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  1. Complete their PD templates with their Team members' information based on the learning after the workshop, if possible, in consultation with the head of the business unit
  2. Review of the content of submission via email by the Facilitator as an assignment
  3. Submit the finalised "reviewed" PD template submission via upload to BCM Institute's eCampus portal.
  4. Sent all submitted PD from all the CM Program Team Members to the CM Program Lead for final reporting

Be prepared for a fair amount of data collection in this phase, e.g., contact numbers and location of alternate sites. Recovery procedures must also be developed and documented in the templates provided.

CM Program Lead will process the PD templates from all departments and compile them into a final plan for submission to senior management.

E-Learning Completed

The e-learning module will be "Plan Development". 

This will be the fifth of the six sessions for the "Training-led BCM Implementation" 3-day online course. Click the icon to learn more about the eLearning module's content.

[CM] e-Learning [7] Crisis Management Plan Implementation

3. Consultation with Project Team Leader [Online]

New call-to-actionThe CM Program Lead will consolidate the templates and send the first draft of the report to the facilitator.

ZOOMOptional: The CM Program Lead will have a complimentary one-hour consultation session with the workshop facilitator to review the compiled templates/ report. This session is subject to the initial conditions and class size as agreed upon during the project's start.

What Preparation does the CM Program Lead need to do "Before" the consultation session:
  1. Get the "Corporate Level" CM Plan template from the facilitator. These are the overarching two parts of the organisation's CM Plan: Part A and Part B (Annexures).
  2. After attending the instructor's session, all participants must submit their completed CM Plan template (Annexures of Playbooks of Apporved Crisis Scenario).
  3. Send comments via email to the designated facilitator before the consultation session.
  4. Attend the consultation session at the appointed time (on Zoom)
  5. Comply with all the CM Program Team Members' templates and provide a cover sheet to management with the compiled Corporate level CM Plan, and all Annexures of Playbooks.

4.  CM Plan Presentation (Optional)


Image of businesspeople at presentation looking at virtual project

A CM Plan Presentation will be conducted to senior management to update them on the project's progress and present a corporate plan summary.

What senior management should do:
  1. Review the corporate CM plan summary
  2. Endorse the corporate CM plan

This presentation marks the end of the project's plan development phase. The next step is to test and exercise the plan. The project will stop here as the next phase introduces the team to TE templates.

back to TOC Training Led Crisis Management ImplementationThe PD phase deliverable comprises a corporate plan component (what the organisation would do in a crisis scenario) and a specific playbook that focuses on what the respective CM Team would do in individual crisis scenarios.

Only the corporate plan component would be presented to senior management by the CM Program Lead.

Training-led CM Implementation Roadmap

CM-300 Crisis Management Implementer


Module 1

Module 2

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Module 2
Session 1 Session 2
Overview of CM Project/ Program Crisis Management Strategy
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Crisis Scenario Risk Assessment CM Plan Development
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