Module (Day) 2 of CM-5000 Crisis Management Expert Implementer [BL-CM-5]

Below is the detailed course curriculum and objective of Module 2 of the CM-5000/CM-300 Blended Learning course.  It details the course content of Module 2 of the course that would be conducted.


Blended Learning (BL) in Module 2, is practice-orientated and you will be completing the crisis risk assessment and crisis strategy development as part of your assignment.  It will complete the development of the crisis management plan for a specific scenario.

CM-300 [BL-CM-3] participants will be attempting the Qualifying Crisis Management Certified Specialist (CMCS) examination upon completion of Module 1 & 2. 

CM-5000 [BL-CM-5] participants attempting the Crisis Management Certified Expert (CMCE) examination on completion of  Module 1 to 4 course.


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CM-5000 Crisis Management Expert Implementer Training Roadmap [Module 2]

Learning Roadmap_CM

Description of Module [Day] 2 Course 

BL-CM-5 M2 Course Requirement CM-5000 Module 2 aims to provide the participants with the knowledge to identify and categorise different crises through crisis risk assessment (CRA) techniques.

This forms a foundation of the crisis management process. To enhance the learning experience, participants will have the opportunity to work through a crisis risk assessment (CRA) template and present their work in class.

IC_BL-CM-5_Mod2The participant will be shown what a typical business impact analysis report looks like and how the content relates to the crisis management strategy.  Understanding the process of accessing this document from the organisation's BCM team is essential.

Common crisis management strategies (CMS) in response to the various crisis scenarios will be shared with students, and concepts will be reinforced using provided templates, discussions and presentations. 

Module 2 will also provide an overview of the contents of a crisis management plan (CM Plan) and how students can document the plan based on the crisis strategies developed earlier. Various components of the CM plan are discussed, emphasising several essential emergency procedures and SOPs. 


Detailed Course Content

Topic Description

Module 2 Session 1A

Conduct Crisis  Risk Assessment (CRA)

  • Identify the types of crises related to your organisation
  • Categorise the crisis into its category
  • Identify the treatment for the crisis scenarios

Understand the Purpose of Business Impact Analysis (BIA) [Note that this is not presented but briefly explained by the facilitator]

  • Learn how critical business functions, products and services are analysed and prioritised
  • Understand the retrieval of the BIA report from the BCM team

Module 2 Session 1B

Select Crisis Management Strategy (CMS)

  • Understand types of crisis, business continuity and recovery strategy in response to the various crisis scenarios
  • Execute steps and options for crisis  communication strategy
  • Select appropriate crisis communication strategy

Module 2 Session 2

Implement Crisis Management (CM) Plan

  • Walkthrough the crisis identified during CRA and the crisis management strategies (CMS) developed during Module 2 Session  1
  • Determine major CM plan components and their design
  • Develop CM plan and procedures
  • Identify emergency and crisis responses
  • Understand CM plan content and templates
  • Implement a crisis communications strategy


[BL-HL-CM-3-4-5] Phases Learning Roadmap  CM-300-CM-400-CM-5000 Crisis Management Course Phase


Participants should be able to manage and deploy all the CM templates in their organization.  They are:

  • Crisis Risk Assessment
  • Business Impact Analysis (Preview to content)
  • Crisis Management Strategy
  • Crisis Management Plan



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