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Crisis Management Certified Planner (CMCP)

The Crisis Management Certified Planner (CMCP) certification is designed to recognize individuals for their efforts to acquire essential and fundamental knowledge and skills in crisis management.

These individuals may be senior and middle management or business executives who are required to help their departments or business units (or sub-units) develop CM, BC, DR, emergency response, recovery, and resumption processes, procedures, and/or plans.

Crisis Management Certified Planner-Specialist-Expert

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Crisis Management Certified Planner

Pre-requisites for CMCP

The pre-requisites are:

CM-200: Crisis Management Planner

To attain your CMCP credential, you need to pass the Crisis Management Certified Planner (CMCP) Qualifying examination.

How to be Certified

To become a CMCP-certified professional, a candidate must complete the following processes:

Formal Education
  • Complete all sub-modules in the Crisis Management Fundamentals course.
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  • Attempt the online quizzes embedded in the eLearning module(s).

Formal Education


Attend the eLearning CM-200: Crisis Management Planner course (Duration 30 days), a candidate must:

  • Sign up for the course
  • Pay the Course Fees
  • Be assigned login credentials to start the eLearning
  • Answer quizzes at the end of each sub-module
  • Be awarded CMCP certification

NOTE: Are you looking for a planner-level course with classmates? Contact us to see if we can form a group!


To sit for the Examination, a candidate must:

  • Prepare and be competent in the Competency Level CL 1C: Foundation (CM), including the seven BCM Body of Knowledge (BCMBok).
  • Attempt the quizzes embedded. 


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To be issued a certificate, a candidate must:

  • Pass the CMCP qualifying examination with a required passing score of 75% out of 50- Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)
  • No prior experience in CM is needed to hold the CMCP certification.

Fee Payment

Application Processing Fee via PayPal Application Processing Fee: The CMCP is awarded without a payment requirement for year one upon receiving the certification.
  Annual Maintenance Fee: SGD 50—After holding the CMCP for one year, the member is expected to renew it via the annual Certification Maintenance Fee.


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Certification CMCE Crisis Management Certified Expert Certification (Size 100) CMCS Crisis Management Certified Specialist Certification (Size 75) CMCP Crisis Management Certified Planner Certification (Size 75)
Certification Type Crisis Management Certified Expert Crisis Management Certified Specialist Crisis Management Certified Planner

CM Expert Implementer/ Manager 

CM Implementer

CM Planner

Course Code

CM-400/ 5000 



Certification Application Processing Fee/ Annual Renewal Fee SGD 150 SGD 75 SGD 50 Complimentary on Year 1
Number of BCM Body of Knowledge 5 of 7 BCM BoK 3 of 7 BCM BoK Not Required
Year of Experience for Eligibility > Three years > One year Not Required
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More Information About Crisis Management Blended/ Hybrid Learning Courses

To learn more about the course and schedule, click the buttons below for the  CM-300 Crisis Management Implementer [CM-3] and the CM-5000 Crisis Management Expert Implementer [CM-5].

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Please feel free to send us a note if you have any questions.

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