Crisis Management Series

Structure and Content of Crisis Management Plan

This is a sample coverage and breakdown of a typical crisis management plan.
Goh Hua Wei
Crisis Management Certified Planner-Specialist-Expert

IC_CM_Content of CM Plan

Structure and Content

This is a sample coverage and structure of a typical CM plan.
Cover Page
  • Issue number
  • Dates
  • Key telephone alert numbers
  • Document control
  • Issue and amendments
  • Revision and distribution
Authorization Page
  • Letter from the Chief Executive Officer
Confirmation Form
  • Form to be signed by the holder of the plan
  • Policy, Purpose and scope
  • Format of plan
Roles and Responsibilities
  • CM Teams
  • Command Centre Operations team
Immediate Action Guide
  • Notification and mobilization of CM team
  • Interaction with Command Centre
  • Initial response guidelines
Incident Action List (Crisis Response)
  • Serious injury or accident
  • Product contamination
  • Major product recall
  • Policy on information management
  • Internal
  • External
  • Command Centre
  • Alternate Command Centre
Command Centre Operations Procedures
  • Log of events
  • Reception and switchboard
  • Media call log information
  • Communicating with employees
  • Computer security
  • Business Continuity Plan
Contact Directory
  • CM Team
  • Management
  • Chairperson and Board of Directors
  • Government
  • Emergency services
  • Media
  • Log of events form
  • Crisis telephone register
  • Media call log form
  • Reference material
  • Map and Plans
  • Media aids
  • Fast facts, pro forma press releases


A Manager’s Guide to Implementing Your Crisis Management Plan

Goh, M. H. (2016). A Manager’s Guide to Implement Your Crisis Management Plan. Business Continuity Management Specialist Series (1st ed., p. 192). Singapore: GMH Pte Ltd.

Extracted from Appendix 4: Content of CM Plan




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