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Can I Achieve Crisis Management Expert Level Certification Via WSQ Competency Route?

This table shows the comparison between Crisis Management competency course and certification course route. You will be able to achieve the highest (expert) level certification awarded by BCM Institute via both routes. Read on to know more.
Suhana Sunreh
Crisis Management Certified Planner-Specialist-Expert

WSQ_GUIDE_CMYou may have just completed reading "What is a Certification vs Competency-based Course?" and would like to know if you could get a CMCE certification via the competency route.  


In view of the introduction of competency-based training, we were often asked about the possibility of getting into BCM Institute's certification program.  We will need to emphasize that the competency-based training funding by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) is independent of our certification program.  However, upon completion of the competency-based training and you are still keen on pursuing our certification program, there is a "bridging" route for you.

For any Singaporean or Singapore PR who would like to take advantage of the funding available in Singapore, BCM Institute now has two routes.  Yes, there are 2 ‘routes’ to getting your CM certification. One will be via the competency track and another will be the certification track. But what are the differences between these 2 tracks and which one should you be attending?

The main differences that may affect your decision in following either one of the tracks will probably be course duration and course fee itself. Perhaps the comparison below could give you a better picture to decide the best track that you should be on.

Note: In view of the CITREP+ funding quota is exceeded from 1 July 2021 till 1 May 2022.  The alternate route to achieving CM "Specialist" or "Expert" level certification via SkillsFuture WSQ funding.





Certification Awarded



WSQ-CM-360-3D-228x300WSQ-CM-360 Implementing Crisis Management Plan

followed by


WSQ-CM-460 Managing Crisis Management Plan

CM-5000 3DCM-5000 Crisis Management Expert Implementer
Course Duration

Three-day course with half a day assessment for WSQ-CM-360

+ 2.5 hours CMCS exams on a separate date

+ Two-day course with half a day assessment for WSQ-CM-460

+ 1-day Crisis Simulation course

Four-day course with 3.5 hours CMCE exam on a separate date


[BL-CM-5] What is a CM-5000 Blended Learning Course?4 Module Blended Learning with 3.5 hours CMCE exam on a separate date


SGD 620 for Singaporeans age 40 years and above / SGD 1,530 for Singaporeans age 39 years and below

+ SGD 200 CMCS exams 

+ SGD 380 for Singaporeans age 40 years and above / SGD 1,010 for Singaporeans age 39 years and below

+ SGD 1300 Crisis Simulation 

+ SGD 250 CMCE exams

Refer to Company-sponsored or Self-sponsored for a detailed explanation on the funding for WSQ-CM-360 and WSQ-CM-460.

SGD 850 for Singaporeans age 40 years and above

SGD 1,155 for Singaporeans age 39 years and below


Actual course fee SGD 3,850 (CMCE exams fees included)

Funding (Scheme)

All course fees have been funded based on the SSG's WSQ criteria


All course fees have been funded based on the IMDA's CITREP+ criteria


Pros and Cons


Participants only pay their fee after funding.  For example, a Singaporean above 40 years of age will pay only SGD 620.

Participants (or their organisation) are required to pay SGD 3,850 before the course start and upon passing the CMCP ** exam, IMDA will refunded SGD 3,000 to the participant once the CMCP result is sent to IMDA.

** Note that the passing of the CMCE exam will automatically be awarded the CMCP.  The CMCS and CMCE certification will only be awarded after application with proven CM experience.

Pros and Cons

Eligibility and Claim Concerns

Participants will need to attend a one and a half-hour one-on-one assessment.  As it is competency-based, if the participant is not sure, there is the opportunity for the participants to re-read their handbook and return to the assessment on the same day.

Participants who are inexperienced but keen on learning the entire spectrum of CM knowledge can attend.  The concern is with the examination and lack of CM experience to be certified.   

There is a provision for a complimentary re-examination (if needed).  The participant will need to submit their CMCP (and not CMCS/CMCE) certificate to claim the refund of SGD 3,000 from IMDA.




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The objective of this article is to make a simple comparison between the WSQ (SSG) and the CITREP+ (IMDA) funding.


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