[BL-5-Catalog] What Expert Level Blended Learning Courses that are Available?

You are now reading the online catalogue for BCM Institute's latest set of Blended Learning [BL] expert level offering.  Each BL course is cross referenced to it original "Brick-and-mortar" version via its course name.  However, as each course is re-designed to meet the same learning objectives and hence, we need to highlight to you the activities, sequencing and your time commitment to the course is further elaborated.  You may read our detailed content of each course and its course requirement.

Lastly, each course has an unique code so that you can find all the relevant content via the course code.  You are also able to view the type of professional certification that you are eligible after successful completion of the course.

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Expert Level Blended Learning [BL] Certification CourseBCMI Logo

In view of the current COVID-19 outbreak, these are the courses offered as part of the blended learning [BL) Expert level [5000 level] series. 

IC_BL-5-CatalogThere are five product offerings: Business Continuity Management (BCM), Crisis Management (CM), Crisis Communication (CC), IT Disaster Recovery (DR) and BCM Audit (A).

Do note that there is no pre-requisite for this course as it is meant for any professional to have the highest level of competency and knowledge.  The award of the certification such as "Specialist" and "Expert" will be in accordance of your more than one-year and three-year of specific experience.

The BCM module is use to illustrate on how you can gather more information about the specific course from each catalog that interest you.


Type of Course [e.g. BCM]

Business Continuity Management

Name of the Blended Learning [BL] Course

(BL) BCM-5000: ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management System Expert Implementer

Course Content and Requirement [Click Icon]

[BL-B-5] What is a BCM-5000 Blended Learning Course?

Course Code [e.g. B is BCM] BL-B-5

Course Fee [Singapore Dollar]

Nett fee Includes one "Expert Level" examination with one complimentary re-exam

SGD 3,850 [Payable in Singapore Dollar]

Certification Eligibility [Click Icon]

You will be awarded the "Planner Level" certification immediately upon passing the "Expert Level" examination.

BCCE Business Continuity Certified Expert CertificationBCCS Business Continuity Certified Specialist Certification BCCP Business Continuity Certified Planner Certification


Crisis Management

Crisis Communication

(BL) CM-5000: Crisis Management Expert Implementer 

(BL) CC-5000: Crisis Communication Expert Implementer 

[BL-CM-5] What is a CM-5000 Blended Learning Course?

[BL-CC-5] What is a CC-5000 Blended Learning Course?

SGD 3,850 SGD 3,850
CMCE Crisis Management Certified Expert certification CMCS Crisis Management Certified Specialist certification CMCP Crisis Management Certified Planner Certification
CCCE-2CCCS-1 CCCP Crisis Communication Certified Planner Certification
IT Disaster Recovery BCM Audit
(BL) DRP-5000: IT DR Expert Implementer
(BL) BCM-8530 ISO22301 BCMS Lead Auditor
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BL-DR-5 BL-A-5
SGD 3,850 SGD 3,850
DRCE Disaster Recovery Certified Expert certificationDRCS Disaster Recovery Certified Specialist DRCP Disaster Recovery Certified Planner certification
BCCLA-2BCCA-1-1BCCP Business Continuity Certified Planner Certification


Course Schedule

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BL-B-5 BL-CM-5 BL-CC-5 BL-DR-5 BL-A-5
Business Continuity Management Crisis Management Crisis Communication IT Disaster Recovery BCM Audit


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Business Continuity Management [BCM-5000] Crisis Management [CM-5000] Crisis Communication [CC-5000]
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IT Disaster Recovery [DRP-5000] ISO22301 BCMS Lead Audit [BCM-8530]
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