[BL-DR-3] [M1] What is Needed to Complete Module 1 of the DRP-5000 Blended Learning [BL-DR-5] Course?

Module 1 is to ensure that the participants is grounded on the continuing with the a good understanding on IT disaster recovery planning.  The need for DR, how organization manage the project, adopt a planning methodology and finally, engage external support via a request for proposal. This module requires the participants to complete a six e-Learning module.

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Module 1: Web Training and Discussion Workshop


To complete Module 1 of the DRP-300 IT DR Implementer [BL-DR-3] or DRP-5000 IT DR Expert Implementer [BL-DR-5]course, participants are required to attend a 6 one-hour e-Learning module training session. This will be done at the participants' own pace.

IC_BL-DR-3_Mod1Module 1 Course Outline
  • IT Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity Management (BCM) Fundamentals
  • Establish the Need for Disaster Recovery (DR)
  • Disaster Recovery (DR) Planning Methodology
  • Prepare Organization for Disaster Recovery (DR) Implementation
  • Implement Disaster Recovery (DR) on the Cloud
  • Request for Proposal
    [BL-DR-3] [M1] Module 1 of DRP-5000 IT DR Expert Implementer [BL-DR-5]

The detailed content of each of the course outline can be found by clicking the "Course Content" button on the right.


All participants attending Module 1 are expected to complete within  6 hour


Time Requirement Module 1  Six Hour

More Information About IT DR Blended Learning

To know more about our blended learning program and when the next course is scheduled, feel free to contact our friendly course consultant colleagues via  They are the BL-DR-3 Blended Learning DR-300 IT Disaster Recovery Implementer and the BL-DR-5 Blended Learning DR-5000 IT Disaster Recovery Expert Implementer.


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  FAQ DRP-300 BL-DR-3 IT Disaster Recovery Implementer

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FAQ [BL-DR] [5]  DRP-5000  



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The next section applied to Singaporean and Singapore permanent residents.  Click button "Government Funding Available" to find out more about the funding that is available from the Singapore government.  This include the CITREP+, SkillsFuture Credit and UTAP.


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