[BL-CC-5] What is a CC-5000 Blended Learning Course?

In view of the COVID-19 outbreak, participants to BCM Institute is asking "Should I attend the four-day "brick-and-mortar" Crisis Management (CC) course [CC-5000] or the blended learning [BL-CC-5] course that stretches over a period of 6 to 8 weeks?"  What are their differences? What is the course content? How is the module conducted? What I should know before enrolling on the course?

You are now viewing an advanced level CC course which starts you to be grounded on CC fundamentals first, before proceeding to understand the CC strategic and tactical concepts and the CC planning processes to develop and implement the CC plan.  Finally, you will be expected to have a detailed understanding of what encompasses the continuous maintenance or upgrading of your CC Programme.

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Blended Learning Crisis Communication Expert Training [BL-CC-5] 


As opposed to our physical "brick-and-mortar" course,  participants now have some degree of control of the class in terms of its time, place, path, or pace. While professionals generally still prefer to attend an onsite classroom-based course with a facilitator or instructor being present, (electronic) face-to-face classroom practices are fast gaining momentum.

This is especially so when more regions in the world are experiencing lockdowns and quarantine requirements when arriving at the destination. Hence BCM Institute crafted the CM-5000 Blended Learning [BL-CC-5] to answer the global requests of conducting the CC-5000 Crisis Management Expert Implementer course on site.  

Here is a quick overview of the entire course, it is divided into the respective module 1 -4.  The explanation of Module 1 to 4 and its relationship to the 300-400-5000 level courses offered are depicted in the learning roadmap below..

Phases Learning Roadmap  CC-300-CC-400-CC-5000 Crisis Communication Course Phases

The conduct of each module is described with the corresponding on-site learning outcome.  

Overview of BL-CC-5 Course


In BCM Institute’s CC-5000 Blended Learning course, the popular CC-5000 Criss Management Expert Implementer four-day course is now conducted in 4 modules across a period of 6 to 8 weeks. This protracted time frame allows one to understand the concepts taught in digestible bite sizes with targeted online interactions. Care and consideration have been put in place to ensure that the content and syllabus taught are of the same standard and rigour as our onsite classes.

Below is a snapshot of what you can expect from the programme. Each module's syllabus has been carefully crafted to ensure that the outcome matches each day of the CC-5000 Crisis Communication Expert Implementer competency level.

Click the icon to find out more about the "Course Content" of each module and also what can you expect as participants on the  "Course Requirement" for all four modules.  When you are in any of the blogs and would like to come back to this page, click the "Back To What is Blended Learning CC-5000?" button located on each page.


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What are the Differences and Concerns?

Concerns: The major concern with blended learning is that it is going to be another eLearning training over video channel,  The entire process is designed such that the content will provide the same outcome.

Instructors: Do note that instructors delivering the modules remain the same as the onsite training.

International Participation: Another major change will be the participation of more international delegates as compared to the traditional majority of Asian participants.  Be expected to discuss and work as teams from different parts of the world.

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Readings: Be expected to have more pre-readings as the objective is to ensure that knowledge that could be acquired via reading should be done outside the training session.  More time is allocated to share experiences from the participants and facilitators.

Schedule for Courses:  This is the schedule and dates for the start of the next course.  Click "CC-5000 Course Schedule" to find out more about the "Runs" for the year.



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