[BL-CC-3] Module (Day) 1 of CC-300 Crisis Communication  Implementer [BL-CC-5]

Below is the detailed course curriculum and examination objective of Day 1 of CC-5000 course.


This is the first of the four module and it details how each day of the course would allow the participants to have a systematic understanding of the CC concepts and its implementation.


Finally, how they can prepare for the Qualifying Crisis Communication Certified Expert (CCCE) examination on the 5th day of the course.

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CC-5000 Crisis Communication Expert Implementer Training Roadmap [Module 1]

BL-CC-3 Crisis Communication

Description of Module (Day) 1 Course 

BL_CC-5000_Module1 You will learn the differences between crisis communication and related disciplines such as risk management and business continuity management will be explained and supplemented with examples.

This lesson walks the student to the key principles of crisis management, and guides them to develop an appropriate implementation framework for their organisation. This includes the development of a crisis management policy and statement that sets the direction for all crisis-related activities in the organisation. The participant is then taken on a step-by-step walk through of the crisis management planning process.

New call-to-actionThis module also touches on the taxonomy of crises and details the differences in how they are identified and their causes. Understanding crisis types helps participants group crisis situations or types into systems that can be more easily managed at different phases of the crisis.


Detailed Course Content


Topic Description
Understand CC Fundamentals & Key Concepts
  • Identify and list crisis management and communication concepts
  • Describe types of disruptive events
  • Identify key stakeholders
  • Components of crisis communications plans
  • Formulate strategies and procedures
  • Identify crisis communication strategies and plans


Phases Learning Roadmap  CC-300-CC-400-CC-5000 Crisis Communication Course PhasesDeliverables

  • Be able to understand CC Framework and Planning Methodology
  • To be able to establish CC Team and Structure



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