[CITREP+] What Certification Will I Be Receiving After Attending the Funded BCM Course?

As part of the registration by the participant to enrol the  CITREP+ funding as provided by Singapore's IMDA is shown a view that the certification awarded is BCCP.  This article will provide a detailed explanation for the display on IMDA site and also the reason fro attending a advanced level course [BCM-5000] from BCM Institute.

Fistri Abdul Rahim

BCM-5000 Gen

Based on the course [BCM-5000] that you have just enquired specifically for the CITREP+ funding, what are the additional questions that you may asked?

Citrep_BCM-5000_CertificationAwardedWhy Am I only Awarded the BCCP certification after completing the BCM-5000 course and passing the BCCE examination?


One of the two conditions for the  claim of the CITREP+ funding to take place is to be awarded the Business Continuity Certified Planner (BCCP) certification.  Hence, you would be getting the Business Continuity Certified Planner or BCCP certification once you pass the Qualifying Examination that is part of the course.

The other condition is to successfully completion of the BCCE exam. To start the processing of your CITREP+ claim immediately from IMDA is subjected to this two conditions.

As you have have successfully completed a expert level training and have passed the exam, you can proceed to apply for your higher certification such as BCCS and BCCE and you will need to apply for the desired certification which is based on your business continuity management experience.

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What BCM Certification Can I Attain?

Upon completion of the CITREP+ approved ISO22301 BCM Expert Implementer course or course code BCM-5000 and the successful passing of the BCM Institute's professional examination (BCCE), you will allow you to apply for the following certification and they are:

  • Business Continuity Certified Planner (BCCP)
  • Business Continuity Certified Specialist (BCCS)
  • Business Continuity Certified Expert (BCCE)

Read more about the business continuity certification "What Certification is Offered By BCM Institute?

What Do I Need to Do to Get the CITREP+ Funding?

To be eligible for the CITREP+ funding, you would need to:
  1. Make full upfront payment towards the course (SGD 3,850)
  2. Attend 75% of the course
  3. Pass the accompanying qualifying exam and be awarded the Business Continuity Certified Planner (BCCP) certification
  4. Send the relevant documentation such as invoice, receipt, attendance sheet, email results and certificate online via or email to
    • You will be working with a designated BCM Institute's course administrator once you have made the payment for the course 
  5. Be reimbursed no later than 6 weeks from date of claim.


What If I Fail the Examination?

examIn the event that you did not meet the 75% passing requirement for the examination, you would be provided one complimentary re-examination to be attempted within 30 days of your first exam. Within the time, our certification department would be assisting you by providing you with which of the seven body of knowledge that you are weak at. 

Subsequent attempts would be payable at SGD 250 per try.   Based on our track record running this course for more than a decade, do note that it is rare that we have participants who fail in their 2nd attempt if you spent the time paying attention and studying the handbook and electronic information provided on our electronic wikipedia.

Additional Readings

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