[FAQ] Frequently Asked Questions on WSQ Courses Offered by BCM Institute

Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ that might help you to answer some of your queries on this WSQ course. The answers apply to BCM Institute's WSQ courses for Business Continuity Management (BCM), Crisis Management (CM) and Crisis Communication (CC).
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WSQWelcome to the frequently asked questions or FAQ for BCM Institute's WSQ courses.

This is for the  Singapore government SkillsFuture Singapore or SSG's Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) courses offered by BCM Institute.

In August 2020, BCM Institute will be offering Blended Learning WSQ Courses.

1.  What is included in the course fee?

3D_WSQ_310[Onsite Only] The course fee includes

  • The course ware (sample handbook cover) and a dictionary
  • Morning and afternoon tea-break

[Blended Learning] Terminology is accessible via BCM Institute's and guidance notes for each of the templates

2.  Is there pre-requisite before I can join the course?
  • There is no pre-requisite to join the course. All BCM practitioners with or without  experience are welcome to join.
  • For those attending the crisis management (CM) and crisis communication (CC) courses, it is strongly encouraged to attend the 300 level course (WSQ-CC-350 or WSQ-CM-360) first.
3.  Is there any examination?
  • No, there is no examination, however, you are required to sit for the assessment on a separate day.
4.  How is the WSQ assessment like? 


  • AssessmentThe assessment will be a half day (1 hour to 3 hour) assessment conducted face-to-face with a WSQ qualified assessor. The assessor will ask questions to assess your understanding. 
  • Where is the assessment held for public courses?
  • You will be required to bring your completed written assignment as evidence of completion to be submitted immediately after the assessment
    • Usually most of the work is completed during the workshop and updated before the attending the assessment.

[Blended Learning] The assessment will be conducted via ZOOM video conferencing. You are required to placed your identification card (NRIC) before the start of the assessment.

5.  What if I fail the assessment? 
  • You need to re-take the assessment on another day.
  • We recommend that the candidate review the course content outside the assessment room and complete the re-assessment on the same day.
6.  What if I did not complete the assessment?
  • You will be considered as non-competent and no Statement of Attainment (SOA) will be awarded to you.
  • You are required to pay the complete course fee in full, which includes the SSG's funding requirement.

These are some of the additional questions often asked by participants with regards to competency-based training (with government funding from the Singapore government) and the other types of course offering from BCM Institute.

7.  What is Certification and Competency-based Courses?

Let us know if you need further clarifications, we'll be glad to help! Contact

WSQ Course Offerings


WSQ Course Offerings

Business Continuity Management WSQ-BCM-310 Course Content [RAR] [BIA] WSQ-BCM-320 Course Content [BCS] [PD] WSQ-BCM-330 Course Content [TE] Developing A BCM Training and Learning Roadmap [WSQ-BCM-470]
  WSQ-BCM-310 WSQ-BCM-320 WSQ-BCM-330 WSQ-BCM-470

Crisis Management

Implementing Crisis Management Plan [WSQ-CM-360] Executing And  Managing Crisis Management Plan [WSQ-CM-460]    
  WSQ-CM-360 WSQ-CM-460    
Crisis Communication Implementing Crisis Communication Plan [WSQ-CC-350] New call-to-action    
  WSQ-CC-350 WSQ-CC-450    

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