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FAQ on Crisis Management Expert Implementer [CM-5000] Course Funding

When enrolling for the advanced level crisis management (CM) course, there are many related questions that you may ask on the specifics of the SkillsFuture funding scheme for the CM-5000 Crisis Management Expert Implementer course.

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What is SkillsFuture Funding and CM-5000 Course?

You would have read the SkillsFuture funding programme under SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) initiative and the course content for the CM Expert Implementer course. 

Read "What is the Specific Funding for the Advanced Level CM Certification Course [CM-5000]?" to learn more about the funding if you have not read it yet. 

In this article, you are presented with some commonly asked questions when you embark on government funding (SkillsFuture Funding from SSG) and the relationship between the other courses offered by BCM Institute.

Frequently Asked Questions for SkillsFuture Funding?

These are some of the questions often asked by potential participants with regard to competency-based training (with SkillsFuture funding from the Singapore government):
1.  Funding Applicable to In-house Training for CM Team and Unit CM Coordinators

Can I have this course conducted in-house for all of my unit-level BCM/ CM coordinators?

  • The reason is that you would like your unit-level BCM/ CM coordinators to conduct internal reviews of other business units within my organisation and also the subsidiaries.
  • Do speak to our Singapore training team to conduct it in-house, as the content can be contextualised to your organisation and even used as an annual update to your CM plan.

2.  Funding for In-house CM Programme Office
For my CM program office (Senior CM Team), can I have this course conducted in-house for my team managing the corporate or organisation-level programme?
  • It is possible as long as at least six confirmed participants are enrolled for the course.
  • As such course requires us to deploy a senior and experienced CM professional with no conflict of interest, speak to the BCM Institute's training team. 

7.  Published to Received CMCP certification on the SSG portal

When reading the SSG portal, it appears that I am attending an advanced-level CMCE certification course, and in the portal, it is reflected as CMCP?

Find out more about Blended Learning [BL] or Hybrid Learning [HL] for CM-5000 and CM-300

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Please feel free to send us a note if you have any  questions.Email to Sales Team [BCM Institute]
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