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Table of Content: View Supporting Tables and Documents for Risk Assessment

This is the requirement for assignments for the Module 2 blended training. This is the table of content for all the supporting tables, documents to complete the RAR | CRA | IT RAR templates.

Each blog will have the tables with explanations needed as a sample for the completion of the Risk Assessment assignment for the Blended Learning participants.

Moh Heng Goh
Business Continuity Management Certified Planner-Specialist-Expert

Managing Risk and Review-1

BG Bann_Course Briefing Series_BCM_Module 2

BG Bann_Course Briefing Series_CM_M2S1 Course Update

BG Bann_Course Briefing Series_CC_M2S1 Course Update

BG Bann_Course Briefing Series_IT DR_M2S1 Course Update

When completing the templates for the Risk Assessment RAR | CRA | IT RAR templates, you may want to make reference to these supporting tables with the documents to complete the templates for the BC | CM | CC | DR assignments.


Table of Content


Descriptor Risk Likelihood New call-to-action Descriptor Types of Crisis Scenario Descriptor Risk Treatment
Descriptor Risk Impact Area Descriptor Risk Level and Risk Impact Descriptor Risk Rating and Risk Level  





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