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xxx IB [BL-WSQ] [BCM] [330] Assignment Requirement

This is the requirement for assignments for the WSQ-BCM-330 blended training. 

It spells out the submission of assignments (uploaded via eCampus after completing the templates in the workbook.

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Module 3 Session 1 and 2 [Assignment 1]


IB [BL-WSQ] [BCM-330] Assignment RequirementBlended Learning.  There is a requirement for the participants to download and complete one assignment, namely TE.

[In-house] Instructor to note that the participants are expected to complete this one assignment template with three questions before attending the course. The instructions to participants are as appended below.

[Training-led Implementation] The Organization BCM coordinator has downloaded the templates and edited the TE template and content already.  They will proceed to execute their "Notification Call Tree" test immediately after Module 3 Session 1 or BCM-330 Session 1.  The key is to compile the results and share them with the "training-led implementation" Module 3 Session 2.

After a walkthrough of the content during your online workshop, the participants are expected to present their completed TE template to the online workshop for discussion.

The expectation of Submission: The participant is expected to complete:

Question 1

1. Using template T1, complete the design profile with a tabletop exercise for COVID-19. Use your organization
a. You may want to use “T3: Design Profile for Walk-through Test” as an example when completing this form.

Question 2

2. Develop six (6) incident Scenarios to be used for the tabletop exercise
a. Complete template “T24: Exercise Incident Sheet (Master)”

Question 3

3. Complete the “Post Exercise Critique Form” when the facilitator walkthrough one or two of the participants' incident scenario
a. Complete the spaces provided based on your observations
b. Highlight 2 challenges when completing this form

[In-house] or Onsite Training. Participants will be notified to download the TE template (including the first 4 templates for 310 and 320) with the links issued by the Program Admin team before the workshop.  This assignment is completed during the class.

The objective of Module 2 [M2-S1-S2] Testing and Exercising (TE)

  • Be familiar with the testing and exercising documentary requirement

Testing and Exercising (TE)
Do note that the participants are provided with instructions NOT to complete this set of TE templates.

Assignment Requirement (TE)

Participants have access to Guidance Notes when they are completing the TE template prior to attending your online lesson.

New call-to-actionClick the icon on the right to view the Guidance Notes for TE. In each of the individual pages of the guidance notes, there are additional instructions (at the bottom) specifically for this assignment.

When they are completing the TE templates, participants are expected to ask you regarding the detailed requirement for their assignment.  The additional notes appended below are provided to them during the Module 2 introduction.  It includes the Guidance Notes from BCMPedia to guide them to complete each entry in the RAR templates and the note below as instruction for the minimum requirement when submitting their assignment.

Assignment Submission Requirement

[In-house] Complete the assignment as per the TE templates.  

[Training-led Implementation] Complete the assignment as per the TE templates.  There is an expectation for the Organisation BCM Coordinator to compile and submit to management.


Submission of Assignment

Assignment:  Note that the M3 instructor will be assigned to review and comment on the eCampus email.  The participants are expected to submit two calendar days after your M3-S2 session, and the Program Admin team will be notifying you of the availability of the assignments to be reviewed. 

As a guide for M3-S1 and M3-S2 instructors, the participants will download their templates from this Module that you are viewing now and upload them back to this portal.  The rule is to submit two working days after your session.

Remind the student to submit their completed Assignment as assignments after the class.  The deadline is two calendar days after the Module 3 Session 1 class.

[In-house] Onsite Training.  There is no requirement to submit assignments except to present in class.

[In-house] Blended Learning. Participants are required to submit (upload) the assignment via the "Upload" module in eCampus, and this is to be reviewed by the Facilitator.

Marking of Assignment (Blended Learning)

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In-house Training-led Implementation
  • Click to icon above to select the assignment to mark
  • Note that there is an "In-house" and also a "Training-led Implementation" icon
  • Select "Separate Groups" and select the group that you are facilitating.
  • You should be able to see the list of participants attending your course. 
  • Click "View All Submission"
  • Click "Grade" to review the submission.
  • Insert comments in the "Feedback Comments" box.




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