Difference between Hybrid Learning [HL-DR-5] Onsite DRP-5000 and its Blended Learning [BL-DR-5] Counterpart

As we enter the endemic stage of the COVID-19 outbreak, participants at BCM Institute are asking, "Should I attend the Hybrid Learning with 2-day onsite and four three-hour blended learning sessions) IT Disaster Recovery (DRP) course [DRP-5000] or the blended learning [BL-DR-5] course that stretches over ten weeks?"  What are their differences? What is the course content? How is the module conducted? What should I know before enrolling in the course?

You are now viewing an advanced level DR course which starts you to be grounded on DR fundamentals before proceeding to understand the DR strategic and tactical concepts and the DR planning processes to develop and implement the DR plan.  Finally, you will be expected to have a detailed understanding of what encompasses the continuous maintenance of upgrading of your DR Programme.

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COVID-19 Endemic Stage and Returning to the New Normal

DRCP-DRCS-DRCE_CertAs we enter the endemic stage of the COVID-19 outbreak, BCM Institute is re-introducing its onsite courses.  However, due to the extensive training and development enhancement work on our courses, the first two modules continue to be offered online.

We have observed and learned that the grounding of BCM works best with some self-paced work and preparatory work undertaken by each participant. 

New call-to-actionThis is independent of the experience level.  Module 1 is the "Know" competency, and Module 2 is the "Do" competency, completed over four weeks before commencing Module 3 and Module 4.

Hence, in 2023, BCM Institute will continue its blended learning courses (100% online) and re-launch its hybrid learning courses with the last two modules as onsite "brick-and-mortar" courses.   You will work with our senior experienced practitioners to complete the training to reach this course's "Manage" competency.

As travel restrictions are relaxed, we note that it is still challenging for our global participants to join us physically.  Hence, blended learning will continue to be our main delivery mode.

Difference between Hybrid Learning [HL] with Onsite and its Blended Learning [BL] Counterpart

Current Situation.  Many organizations are returning to their offices with the new normal, which is hot desking for a few days in the office and remote working at home.

Onsite Vs Online.  While professionals generally still prefer to attend an onsite classroom-based course with a facilitator or instructor being present, (electronic) online face-to-face classroom practices are fast gaining momentum and becoming acceptable.

Transformation of courses.  The major change is not to have another four days of continuous web training.  Firstly, we believe that learning online for more than three hours may be ineffective for the learner.  Hence, the course is re-resigned in byte-sized portions to meet the objectives and learning outcomes of the advanced-level courses. 

Blended Learning.  BCM Institute crafted the DRP-5000 Blended Learning [BL-DR-5] to answer the global requests for conducting the on-site DRP-5000 Disaster Recovery Expert Implementer course.  The high acceptance and participation rates by professionals outside of Asia testify to our training approach's effectiveness.  The major challenge is that the course lasts 8 to 10 weeks.

Major Change to Training Philosophy.  The significant change is that participants should acquire static knowledge at their own pace and offline. 

Self-paced learning depends on your experience.  In module 2, the focus is to complete the mandatory content for the specific templates.  This must be conducted before attending the onsite or online workshop to make the learning more effective, as each of us has a different learning goal, approach, and personal experience.  With these considerations, our courses are now spread for non-discussion and non-experience-sharing activities conducted offline and at your own pace.

Hybrid vs Blended Learning IT DRHybrid Learning. The option for onsite learning will start in 2023, with the first two modules being online and the next two being onsite.  The two physical face-to-face onsite workshops are now fully interactive with discussions with expert professionals.

More Information About IT DR Blended/Hybrid Learning

They are the BL-DR-3 Blended/ Hybrid Learning DRP-300 Disaster Recovery  Implementer and the BL-DR-5 Blended/ Hybrid Learning DRP-5000 Disaster Recovery Expert Implementer.

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