What BCM Competency and Skill Should My Senior Management Have?

It is assumed that management has adequate BCM knowledge. Still, there is a need for senior management to be trained and made aware of the requirement to adequately make the correct decision on the BCM Program.
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An organisation’s management role is to set the direction and approve of any modifications to BC plans. Members of the management often held the organisation’s BCM Steering Committee – which also comprises of the Organisation BCM Coordinator and key BU BCM Coordinators. It is important to be kept aware of the organisation’s BC readiness and this is achieved through the Organisation BCM Coordinator’s reports and updates on the results of various tests and exercises. During a crisis, the BCM Steering Committee typically morphs to become the Crisis Management Team. 

Hence, the Senior Management will need to know what are the three levels of competencies which is "Know-Do-Manage".  Usually, the senior management will need the knowledge but does not need to go into the detailed implementation or maintenance of the BC plans.  However, they will still need the necessary BCM knowledge which is the "Know" competency and the "Manage" competency to set strategic directions for the BCM program.

Roles and Responsibilities

The full range of roles and responsibilities for Executive Management are to:

  • Drive organisation’s BCM Policy
  • Be aware of organisation’s BC Plan and response during a crisis
  • Ensure the integration of the organisation’s BCM into its business processes
  • Promote the continual improvement of the organisation’s BCM

What Training Should Senior Management Attend?

To acquire these competencies, it is suggested that Executive Management considers the following list of courses and certification programmes:

  • BCM briefing for Senior Management;
  • BCM or CM Simulation Exercise; and
  • Crisis Management briefing for Senior Management.

With the focus on managing the organisation’s BCM programme or for those who are certified with the ISO22301 BC management system (BCMS), the courses recommended are aimed at enhancing the management’s skill set to develop, implement and maintain an organisation-wide BC Plan, which is different from that of Organisation and BU BCM Coordinators.

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Crisis Management

Crisis Management Briefing for Senior Management (Course Code: CM-100 CM Briefing for Senior Management)

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