[WSQ-BCM-310] Course Overview: Assessing Risk and Business Impact Requirements

The is the first part of a BCM course (WSQ-BCM-310) of a three-part competency-based SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) and Malaysia's HRD Corp Claimable training series teaches participants the skills of analyzing the risk and business impact. 

The information is intended for participants who are either company- or self-sponsored requesting for WSQ grants and HRD Corp Claims.

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This one-day course (with a 2-hour assessment) is part of a joint initiative by BCM Institute and SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG)

The course is based on a competency standard specified by SSG and implemented as a competency-based training course.  Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents (PR) are eligible for government funding for this course in Singapore.

This is the first in a three-part series of SSG's Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) Business Continuity Management (BCM) courses.

This first WSQ BCM course reinforces participants' know-how in assessing risk and analyzing business impact requirements

Malaysia FlagThis is an identical course only for Malaysian citizens residing in Malaysia only.  It is the Human Resource Development Corporation (HRD Corp). Click the icon to know more. 

New call-to-actionEligible organizations sending their staff members to these courses, as BCM Institute is an authorized training provider, can submit its HRD Corp Claimable for this course.


Course Content

2_Risk Analysis and Review-1CTA KMA Know more about WSQ Business Continuity Management CourseThe course covers the first two fundamental steps in implementing a BCM plan. This course on the Risk Analysis and Review (RAR) phase of the BCM planning methodology or "assessing risk" and Business Impact Analysis (BIA) phase or "business impact requirements" would allow participants to gain WSQ competency in identifying critical business functions (CBF). Besides CBF, participants will also understand how to assess a business unit's inter-dependencies.

Other competencies they will be able to pick up include:

Risk Analysis and Review (RAR)

3_Business Impact Analysis

  • Analyzing and quantifying internal and external risks

  • Reviewing and assessing natural and man-made threats

  • Determining risk rating derived from risk likelihood and risk impact
  • Prioritizing risk findings

Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
  • Identify critical business functions, products, and services

  • Analyzing impact on organizational reputation, financial, and operations 

  • Recommend controls and/or mitigating strategies to relevant stakeholders


Set of 3 WSQ BCM Courses

The WSQ BCM courses offered by BCM Institute include:

  1. BCM-310 Assessing Risk and Business Impact Requirements [Click the Course Description icon to find out more about this WSQ course]
  2. BCM-320 Developing Business Continuity Strategies and Plans
  3. BCM-330 Testing and Exercising Business Continuity Plans
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[WSQ] Singapore Workforce Skills Qualification BCM Course Catalog TMM [WSQ BCM-310] [SOP] Refund Policy

Meanwhile, click on the 'Tell Me More' icon for our team to get back to you with more specific information on our BCM-310 course. Click on the 'Register Now' icon to attend our classes.

If you are company-sponsored or self-sponsored, the conditions of the funding from SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) are provided to you when you click the icons.

Statement of Attainment

singapore_flagSingaporean and Singaporean PR participants attending the course in Singapore would also get a Statement of Attainment from the SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) after the workshop and passing of the assessment.

Malaysia FlagMalaysian participants attending the course would also get a Certificate of Attendance from the BCM Institute after the workshop.


Attendance Requirement

In order to be eligible for SSG funding, you are required to attain a minimum of 75% training attendance and pass the assessment. You will not be eligible for funding if you fail the assessment. 


To effectively learn the BCM planning methodology, you are strongly encouraged to attend this course: BCM-310 Assessing Risk and Business Impact Requirements, before attempting the other two courses (BCM-320 and BCM-330). 

Without understanding Risk assessment and business impact analysis, you may have difficulties proceeding to develop the strategies and writing the plan. Click the button if you want more information about the competency-based program and the course offering.

Click to learn more about the course overview of the following two WSQ courses and the schedule for the year.

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[FAQ]  WSQ-BCM-310 Frequently Asked Questions on WSQ Courses Offered by BCM Institute

In-house Training

SCDF Global BCM TrainingAs both Singapore and Malaysia are opening to 75% of staff members returning to work due to COVID-19, and as your organization is embarking on a BCM journey or reviewing and updating your existing BCM program, you may want to consider organizing this WSQ or HRD Corp Claimable program within your organization for both competency building and updating of your content.

Our instructors are not only ACTA-qualified or HRD Corp Accredited Trainers but also have a minimum of 5 to 15 years of BCM implementation experience. This allows you to deploy your templates to be completed as part of the class assignment.

Bridging Over to Certification Program

Participants who complete all three-part of the competency-based WSQ BCM series (with Statement of Attainment) may opt to bridge themselves to the BCM Institute's professional program. It is important to note that this bridging program is not part of the SSG program or requirement as it is an independent choice by the participant.

BCCS Business Continuity Certified Specialist Certification The participant can approach the institute to sit for the Business Continuity Certified Specialist (BCCS) certification qualifying examination.  This will enable you to achieve the internationally recognized Business Continuity Certified Specialist (BCCS) certification once you have passed the Qualifying BCCS exams.

There will be a Singapore dollar SGD $200 Qualifying BCCS examination fee.

BCM Certification

 BCCS-1.pngBC Certified Specialist (BCCS) certification is awarded to participants who completed the three-part series, passed the Qualifying BCCS examination, sent in an application detailing at least one year of BC experience, made the application processing fee payment of SGD 75, and satisfied and meets the experience requirements of the independent certification body.


WSQ Course Offerings

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  WSQ-BCM-310 WSQ-BCM-320 WSQ-BCM-330

Business Continuity Management


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Crisis Management

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