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Operational Resilience Expert Implementer Overview

More information about the Operational Resilience Expert Implementer Course.

Azizah Nurdin
Operational Resilience Certified Planner-Specialist-Expert


OR-5000: Operational Resilience Expert Implementer


Training Approach (Fully Online vs Hybrid)

Fully Online Learning

Attend Eight (8) 3 hour sessions + Assignment | Examination

Hybrid Learning

Attend Four (4) 3 hour sessions + Assignment | Two (2) Days Onsite Classroom | Examination  


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Course Description

Operational Resilience Course [OR-5]

Embark on a journey towards operational excellence with our comprehensive Operational Resilience (OR) implementation program. The content includes:

Plan and develop the initiation of the OR implementation:

  • Assess Capability and Maturity
  • Analyse Gap
  • Develop a Strategy and Roadmap
  • Confirm Risk Appetite
  • Develop and Embed Governance
  • Sustain Your Operational Resilience Program
  • Introduce Cultural Change Management
  • Develop a Communication Strategy
  • Implement Training and Awareness
  • Provide Self-assessment
  • Conduct Independent Quality Review

Note: It is expected to be completed within eight weeks for the blended learning approach and five weeks for the hybrid approach.


Module 1 

This Operational Resilience (OR) Fundamentals package is ideal for a new OR practitioner who would like to know the end-to-end process of starting an Operational Resilience program for their organization and maintaining it once it has been implemented.  This is a workshop-facilitated online module.

Module 2 – Facilitated Online Workshop

Participants will be allowed to recognize and analyze types of operational disruptions, identify essential and critical business services, and perform scenario testing via hands-on and interactive sessions with fellow participants from various industries.

These are assessments to be done after pre-reading materials and guidance are disseminated. Participants are to attempt the templates for each concept per stage.

Senior industry practitioners, including current BCM and OR managers, consultants, and vice presidents from international financial institutions and higher education institutions, would facilitate this hands-on practice, which would be done via our online workshops.

Note: Participants must submit their assignment for each stage, which will be assessed at the end of each session (there are two sessions for Module 2). The tasks must be completed and submitted to the facilitator within two days after each session.

Module 3 & 4 – Fully Online

Module 3 discusses advanced issues in managing an operational resilience programme for an organization. Considerations in planning and execution are discussed, such as developing an operational resilience framework that enables it to satisfy regulatory requirements.

Like Module 2, pre-readings and guidance notes would be shared before participants join a two (2) 3-hour facilitated online workshop on different days.

It would then be followed up by Module 4, where participants will be taught about implementing building blocks to implement the operational resilience framework.

During the last three modules, management developed and approved the OR plan and program. The final “Manage” competency set involves learning how the other programs within your organization are synchronized with the OR program.

Participants would be provided pre-readings and guidance notes before they present in the two (2) 3-hour facilitated online workshop.

Module 3 & 4 – Hybrid (Onsite)

This course is also available onsite for Module 3 and Module 4 in designated Asian capitals.  The content is similar, except the course lasts two days.



Fully Online Learning SGD3,850 + SGD150 (Certification Fee) Lapse period of 8 weeks 1 Operational Resilience Certified Planner (ORCP) Certificate*
*Upgradable to Operational Resilience Certified Expert (ORCE) subject to proof of 3 Years of OR Experience
Hybrid Learning (Online + Onsite) SGD4,150 + SGD150 (Certification Fee) Lapse period of 5 weeks




Operational Resilience Certified Planner (ORCP) Certification is awarded to all who complete all four OR-5000 Blended Learning course modules.


Operational Resilience Certified Expert (ORCE) Certification is awarded to participants who complete all Blended Learning sessions and pass the Qualifying ORCE examination at the end of the modules, send in an application detailing at least three years of related experience, satisfy and meet the experience requirements of the independent certification body.



This course will provide participants with the concept and knowledge which will enable them to:

  • Plan and develop the initiation of the OR implementation
  • Assess capability and maturity
  • Conduct and analyse the gap
  • Develop strategy and roadmap
  • Confirm Risk Appetite
  • Develop and embed governance
  • Manage and sustain the OR program
  • Introduce cultural change management
  • Develop a communication strategy for all stakeholders
  • Implement training and awareness
  • Provide self-assessment
  • Conduct independent quality review
  • BC Managers, Organization BCM Coordinators and Practitioners tasked to drive significant and complex corporate-level operational resilience programmes will reap maximum benefits from the concepts and practices.
  • Relevant parties from Operational resilience, Operational risk, Non-financial risk, Compliance Cyber risk and resilience, IT risk and resilience, Operational Oversight and Management, and those in Crisis Management, Disaster Recovery and Security will have crossover responsibility for operational resilience.
  • Participants who are new to BC or with less than one year of BC experience will be awarded the Operational Resilience Certified Planner (ORCP)certificate, while those with more than one year but less than three years of experience may apply for the Operational Resilience Certified Specialist (ORCS)
  • Experienced professionals with three years or more experience in operational resilience, business continuity, crisis management, risk management, facility, IT security, and business operations with direct or indirect responsibilities are encouraged to apply for their Operational Resilience Certified Expert (ORCE) certification.

Course Fee

  • SGD 3,850 (Fully Online Learning)
  • SGD 4,150 (Hybrid Learning)
  • SGD 3,500 (Fully Online Learning) or SGD 3,800 (Hybrid Learning)
    (for those who have attended the OR-200 Operational Resilience Planner course and would like to upgrade and attend Modules 2, 3 & 4 of the OR-5000 Operational Resilience Expert Implementer course)

This course fee does not include the application processing fee for the ORCE certification.

Examination Fee

The course fee includes the ORCE examination fee.


This course incorporates a 100-multiple Choice Question electronic exam after completing all modules. The duration of the examination is 3 and 1/2 hours. Candidates who achieve a passing score of 75% or higher are eligible to apply for the BCM Institute’s Operational Resilience Certified Expert (ORCE) accreditation. The examination fee is included as part of the course fee.

The first two examination attempts are free; subsequent attempts are chargeable at SGD250.

Certification Fee

SGD150 (Certification Fee are to be paid during application after participants have passed their Qualifying ORCE exam)

More Information About Operational Resilience OR-5000 [OR-5] or OR-300 [OR-3] Course

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