FAQ on Crisis Communication Manager [CC-400] Course

This advanced 2-Day crisis communication (CC) course is a follow up to those who have attended the CC-300 course. Here, participants will be taught the how to manage a crisis communication flow of events to support a crisis management effort.  The course also focus on the conduct advanced level testings such as integrated and simulation exercises. Here are some of the FAQ that might help you to answer some of your queries on this course.
Fistri Abdul Rahim

Welcome to BCM Institute's introductory page on the CC-400: Crisis Communication Manager course leading to the CC Certified Expert (CCCE) certification.

What is included in the course fee?

CC-400 3D CoverWhen you are attending the course, the fee includes

  • the courseware (handbook) and a dictionary
  • the refreshment which includes the morning and afternoon tea-break
  • a lunch at the hotel or nearby restaurant

After the course, the fee will include:

  • a qualifying CCCE examination
  • a qualifying CCCE re-examination

However, the application fee for CCCE application processing fees is not included as part of the course fees. 

For participants attending this course in another country, the accommodation and flight to the country are not inclusive.

Do I have to complete the "CC-300 CC Implementer" course prior to joining the "CC-400 CC Manager" course?

  • Yes, Participants are expected to attend and complete the prerequisite CC-300 course before attending this course.
  • The CC-400 course syllabus is actually the day-1 and day-2 content of the CC-5000 course. 

Can I attend the "CC-300 CC Implementer" course first and join the "CC-400 CC Manager" course later?

  • Participants who have completed the prerequisite, CC-300 course are encouraged to attend this follow up course. 
  • Or get your CCCE Certification by attending 4 day and 1/2 course which is CC-5000

Can I attend the "CC-5000 CC Expert Implementer" course directly?

  • 2Phase[CC5000]Participants can proceed to enroll for the CC-5000 directly if they choose to do so to get  your CCCE Certification.  Note that CC-5000 CC Expert Implementer Course is an installment of "CC-300 CC Implementer" and "CC-400 CC Manager" course, whihc leads to the same CCCE certification
  • It is completed by attending 4 and 1/2 day whereby the last 1/2 day of the course is CC-5000 examination.

Do I need to complete the CCCE exams?

  • Yes you do as this would allow you to obtain an internationally recognized CC certification.
  • Passing of the exams allows you to be certified as a CC Certified Expert (CCCE) 
  • Do note that the exam fees is inclusive whether you take it or not.  Therefore, the absence from examination cannot be deducted from the course fees.

What happens if I fail the CCCE exam?

  • Your course fees allow you one complimentary re-try of the examinations.
  • We would encourage you to re-take the examinations within a month from your first try.
  • The complimentary re-examination will void after 90 days from the first attempt.

Let us know if you need further clarifications, we'll be glad to help!

For further understanding of this course, reading this article on "Minimizing Reputation Lost Through Effective Crisis Communication" may help you more.

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