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Attend the Most Comprehensive Crisis Communication Expert Level Implementer [CC-5000]

The advanced level Crisis Communication Expert Implementer or course code: CC-5000 course is an advanced level 4-day crisis communication concluding with a 3 1/2 Hour Qualifying Certified CC Expert (CCCE) Certification examination to be taken on the 5th day of the five-day course duration.

Aqmar Azizi
Crisis Communication Certified Planner-Specialist-Expert

CC-5000 is a comprehensive Crisis Communication (CC) course that takes the participant from fundamental principles and concepts to advanced management techniques. It includes a three and half hour 150-Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) based examination, following the successful completion of a 4 Day classroom training.

Course Overview

It is the institute’s most comprehensive crisis communication course for those who are new to crisis communication or who simply want to extend themselves in their crisis communication professional career. The course curriculum will enable participants to get a thorough understanding of the BCM Body of Knowledge with its 7 competencies for crisis communication practitioners, the globally recognised methodology for implementation and maintenance of crisis communication programs. On completion of the course, participants are expected to have acquired the skills and understanding to drive complex crisis communication projects and programmes for their organisation.

CC-5000 will also introduce the essential steps in developing crisis communication strategies and implementing plans, preparing and conducting awareness and training programmes. Participants will acquire the skills and knowledge in project management, risk analysis and review, crisis communication strategy and plan development, testing and exercising, and programme management.

This workshop is also designed for both novice and advanced professionals involved in the crisis communication process within your organisation. It is highly relevant for professionals operating within the Business Continuity Management (BCM), Crisis Management (CM) and/or IT Disaster Recovery (DR) professional areas, who have a high degree of exposure to crisis communication.


This course will provide participants with the concept and knowledge, which will enable them to:

  • Have a good overview of the crisis communication (CC) definitions and its relationship to BCM, CM and DR.CC-5000-3D-Cover-228x300.png
  • Understand the key element of the CC framework.
  • Understand the implementation objectives, activities and key deliverable for each stage of the CC planning methodology aligned to the BCM and CM framework (if needed).
  • Initiate and implement a CC program.
  • Identify and assemble the CC team members.
  • Assign the roles and responsibilities for each of the CC team member.
  • Identify audiences, stakeholders and interested parties.
  • Consolidate and analyse the list of crises for Executive Management’s approval.
  • Establish level of crisis.
  • Identify and develop the relevant CC strategies (closely linked to the CM protocols).
  • Develop media handling techniques and plan.
  • Develop and implement press release and holding statements.
  • Drive organisational-wide CC programmes.
  • Learn to track and trace incident events and prioritize decisions and activities.
  • Adopt a CC for social media during crisis.
  • Learn how to develop an organization-wide CC awareness, training exercising and testing program.
  • Implement audit and assessment program to ensure CC plan effectiveness.

CC-5000 Registration Form


CCCE.pngCC Certified Expert (CCCE) Certification will be awarded to participants who successfully completed and passed the Qualifying CCCE examination attached to the course, sends in an application detailing at least 3 year of CC experience , make the application processing fee payment of SGD150 and satisfies and meets the experience requirements of the independent certification body.

Option of Two Sittings to Complete the CC-5000 Course

2Phase[CC5000]For those who have scheduling or budget constraints, there is an option for the CC-5000 course to be attempted in two installment.  You can compete the CC-300 Crisis Communication Implementer course first and take the CC-400 Crisis Communication Manager course subsequently.

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