Our certifications are available for all BCM (bearing in mind that it is more than only business continuity) professionals.  The level of certification includes the (Business Continuity Certified) Planner, Specialist and Expert Level.



Here, we able to advise you on ways to obtain your business continuity management certification.

Attending and Passing the Examination

Upon attending any of our BCM courses we offer, you must pass your examination.

For other than the Business Continuity Certified Planner (BCCP) certification, you will be awarded the certification upon passing of the BCCP exam.  Do note that you have met the "Know" Competency as stipulated by BCM Institute competency level.

As for the Business Continuity Certified Specialist (BCCS) and Expert (BCCE) levels, you are required to send in an application form detailing your experience in BCM in relation to BCM Body of Knowledge (or what is known as BoK) which you can easily make reference to via our BCMpedia website. Don't forget to pay the application fee before submitting your completed forms.

What are the Pre-requisites to Obtain Each Certification?


BCCP.pngBusiness Continuity Certified Planner (BCCP)


 Achieve BCCP via E-Learning
Alternatively, you could also opt for the e-learning packages as follows:
  • Complete the e-learning "Fundamentals BCM Package" or
  • Complete the e-learning Fundamentals ISO 22301 Package.  This package provide additional knowledge (as two modules) on Program and Project Management as compared to the "Fundamentals BCM Package".
For the e-learning packages, do visit http://bcm-ecampus.org/ to purchase.
You are required to attend and complete the BCM-200: ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management System Planner course;
  • Pass the Qualifying BCCP e-examination 

Tell Me More About BCCP Certification

BCCS.pngBusiness Continuity Certified Specialist (BCCS)

Tell Me More About BCCS Certification

BCCE.pngBusiness Continuity Certified Expert (BCCE)

Tell Me More About BCCE Certification

Submitting the Application Form

  • Upon passing your qualifying examination, you will receive an email from our Certification Team that includes a Certification Application form and a Checklist.
  • Please ensure to complete the Certification Application form in an editable MS Word document.
    Note: If Application From is sent via PDF, we shall request you to resend as an editable MS Word document as we DO NOT accept PDF format
  • Submit your completed Certification Application and Checklist forms to certification@bcm-institute.org.  It is important for you to ensure that the Application Form is signed and dated.
  • Make sure the Certification Application Processing Fee has been paid before submitting.

How Long Would It Take for Me to Gain My Certification?

Well, your application form will be submitted to our Reviewer Board Committee which would then assess your form and if once they are satisfied with all the information and that you've met the conditions set, they would then award you with the relevant certification. Please understand that certifications are then valid for 1 year after which yearly renewals are needed to ensure the validity of the certification.
Do take note that the review of application by BCM Institute's Certification Review Committee takes approximately 
  • 4 weeks for BCCS
  • 6 weeks for BCCE

During the application review process, the 
Certification Review Committee decides whether the Application is:

  • Approved (application, experience and education meet requirements)
  • Returned for re-submission (an element of the application is missing or does not meet minimum standards for level and may be resubmitted for a lower level) OR
  • Rejected (applicant does not meet minimum requirements for level)

How to Know that You Have Been Awarded?


  • Successful applicant will receive the e-Certification award from BCM Institute via email.
  • The validity of BCM Institute Certification is 1 Year from the date of issue of certificate.
  • BCCP Candidates shall receive their E-Certificates within 7 working days from the day they passed their qualifying examination.

Renewal of Certification


Many people came back to us and asks why do we need to renew it on a yearly basis? Why can't we renew it whenever we can?  In order to maintain your currency of your certification, the institute keep an list of active certified professionals as they are often being asked from existing and new employers. 

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