Business Continuity Management Book Series

This is a set of book series made available from BCM Institute. This list of book references focus primarily of the planning methodology, the specialized skillset aligned to business continuity planning, and the industry guide for how BCM is implemented for specific industries.
Moh Heng Goh

This is the list of three business continuity management (BCM) box series,  It serves as the reference guides.  In most of the other blogs, it is referenced as "What Are BCM References That May Be Useful?"

BCM Planning Series

The BCM Planning Series presents a step-by-step program that aims to equip your organization with a full understanding of the BCM Planning Methodology. It provides detailed documentation, explanations, and templates that serve as invaluable reference material for any BCM professional.


BCM Planning Book Series: Implementing and Managing Your BCM Project and Program [Store]

BCM Specialist Series

The BCM Specialist Series present a vertical approach to a specific and specialised topic within the BCM.  It is the "Manager's Guide" series to implement the ISO22301 BCM System, crisis management, crisis communication, auditing BCM, IT disaster recovery.  The older series of implementing the old BCM standards ssuch as BS25999 and SS540.


BCM Specialist Series: Manager's Guide [Store]

BCM Industry Guide

The industry guide series is designed to contextualize the BCM practices to the respective industries.  These industries includes hotels, banking, insurance, business processing organisation (BPO), airports, and many are still work-in-progress as you read.


BCM Industry Guide Series: Industry Guide [Store]



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