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Miguel Angelo Gutierrez [Speaker]

Miguel E. Gutierrez, BCCE, CMCS is the Senior Manager and Head of Business Continuity, Tactical Response Engineering Division at PLDT.
Business Continuity Management Certified Planner-Specialist-Expert
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Who is Miguel Angelo Gutierrez?


Miguel started his DR exposure when he was with the IT group of PLDT.


He then became one of the pioneer executives when a Business Continuity group was established by the company. He led the group in charge of the Business Continuity Plans (BCPs) for ISO 22301 certification for Business Continuity.


His team conducted training for BCP creation and helped different business units develop their BCPs in preparation for the certification. His group also oversaw the testing of these BCPs. His team also does these BCP Creation and Testing initiatives even for those business units not undergoing ISO 22301 certification

Aside from the Business Continuity Plans, his group also manages the overall Crisis Management Plan of the company. They also work with other subject matter experts to create various enterprise-level Threat Based Preparedness and Response Plans. His team is also involved in the activation and implementation of these plans during current situations.


Apart from ISO certification, his team also manages the Hazard and Disaster preparedness mobile app for employees of the company. In relation to this, his group also conducts various Personal and Family preparedness workshops for employees.


Miguel is also involved with external organizations, acting as a speaker and facilitator for the Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation’s (PDRF) various Business Continuity Initiatives. He also conducts BC related training for partner companies and distributors.

Academic Qualification

Bachelor, Computer Science
(Specializing in IT)



Professional Qualification

Awarded Business Continuity Certified Expert (BCCE) from BCM Institute BCCE Business Continuity Certified Expert Certification (Size 100) Awarded Crisis Management Certified Specialist (CMCS) from BCM Institute CMCS Crisis Management Certified Specialist Certification (Size 75)

Current BCM Career

Senior Manager and Head, Business Continuity, Tactical Response Engineering Division




Past BCM Career

Head BC Tactical Response Engineering
IT Business Analyst
PLDT, 2010
Accenture Philippines

Presentations and Publication

  • Implementing Public Service Continuity Plans (PSCP) for government institutions, Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation (PDRF), ZOOM sessions



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