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[BL-OR-3] What is Needed to Complete Module 1 of the OR-5000 Blended Learning [BL-OR-5] Course?

Module 1 of the first of the two modules of the OR-300 Blended Learning course.  This module focuses on the fundamentals of operational resilience (OR).  This is the same module 1 that participants attending the OR-5000 Blended Learning (Course code: BL-OR-5) will be completing. 

This blog provides the participants with an overview of their expectations for this course when attending Module 1.

As this module has an examination assessment requirement, the successful completion of this module will also result in the participant being awarded the "Operational Resilience Certified Planner" or ORCP certification.

Rose Lam
Operational Resilience Certified Planner-Specialist-Expert

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[BL-OR] [3] What is BL-OR-3 Course?Module 1: 

Module 1 is the first of the [1] four-module for the OR-5000 Blended Learning (BL-OR-5) [2] two-module OR-300 Blended Learning (BL-OR-3) or [3] stand-alone module for the OR-200 Blended Learning (BL-OR-2) course.

Participants are required to attend a walk-through of one introduction to operational resilience (OR) and another module of the OR Implementation process. 

Learning Modules: Fundamentals of Operational Resilience
  1. Overview of Operational Resilience
  2. Update on Regulatory Positions
  3. Operational Resilience Framework, Principles and Cycle
  4. Types of operational disruptions and important business
  5. Impact tolerances and mapping operational resilience
    inter-dependencies across the organization
  6. Types of scenario testing

[BL-OR] [3] [4] [5] Phases Learning Roadmap OR-200-300-400-5000

Note that Module 1 is also Module 1 (of 4) for participants attending the Blended Learning OR-5000 course [BL-OR-5] leading to the Operational Resilience Certified Expert (ORCE), while, it is also Module 1 (of 2) for the Blended Learning OR-300 [BL-OR-3] leading to Operational Resilience Certified Specialist (ORCS).

ORCP Operational Resilience Certified Planner CertificationLastly, Module 1 can also be taken as a stand-alone OR-200 or BL-OR-2 course leading to Operational Resilience Certified Planner (ORCP).

BL-OR-5 M1 Course Content OR-5000

The participant is required to spend about 6 hours. 

Click the "Course Content" button to find out more about the syllabus for this module.


Time Requirement
Module 1 
Six Hours of online course attendance and two hours of offline pre-reading


More Information About Blended Learning OR-5000 [BL-OR-5] or OR-300 [BL-OR-3]

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[BL-OR] [3] What is BL-OR-3 Course?

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[BL-OR] [3-4-5] What is BL-OR-5 Course?


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