[BL-DR-5] [M3] What is Needed to Complete Module 3 of the DRP-5000 Blended Learning Course?

After completing Module 1 to Module 2, participants continuing with the third module of the DRP-5000 Blended Learning, whereby, you would proceed to complete the understanding of the implementation and management process of the IT disaster recovery programme. 

Below is the detailed course curriculum of Module (Day) 3 of the DRP-5000 course.  This is the advanced level training focusing on building on the competency on managing and sustaining an IT Disaster Recovery programme.

The content details how each day of the course would allow the participants to have a systematic understanding of the DR concepts and their implementation and how they can prepare for the Qualifying Disaster Recovery Certified Expert (DRCE) examination upon completion of all 4 modules of the BL-DR-5 course.

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Module 3: Web Training and Discussion Workshop

To complete Module 3 of the DRP-5000 IT DR Expert Implementer [BL-DR-5] course, participants must attend two 3-hour sessions. 

This module explores the strategic topics in managing IT disaster recovery in organisations, the challenges encountered, and various approaches to dealing with them.

Module 3 Session 1
  • [M2-L12] Present DR Proposal to Executive Management
  • [M2-L13] Establish a DR Plan
  • [M2-L14] Implement Steps to Recover from Disaster
Module 3 Session 2
  • [M2-L15] Develop DR Team Structure
  • [M2-L16] Gather and Consolidate Information for the DR Plan
The sequence of A Typical Module 3 Half-Day Session

BL-DR-5 M3 Course Content IT DRP-5000A typical  1/2 day session consists of the following:

  1. Pre-reading [Maximum of one hour]

  2. Attend Facilitated Online Workshop 
    [Maximum of three hours]

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 [1] Pre-reading


A Manager’s Guide to Implementing Your IT Disaster Recovery Plan

Pre-readings assigned are two blog articles and two chapters of A Manager's Guide to Implementing Your IT Disaster Recovery Plan. Participants are recommended to complete them before the session as it serves as 'bite-sized' background information, allowing participants to familiarize themselves with the concepts to be discussed.  It would also assist participants in completing their assignment in the following 1 hour online session.

Time Requirement
Module 3 [1]
One Hour 


[2] Attend Facilitated Online Training and [3] Discuss with Facilitator


All participants of the DRP-5000 IT DR Expert Implementer [BL-DR-5] course are to attend two 3-hour sessions. The first 3-hour session would require them to participate in a facilitated online training session. Facilitated by an industry practitioner and armed with pre-reading knowledge, this session would need participants to focus on the detailed aspect of audit review and reporting

This would be followed by another 3-hour session on a different day where participants would be able to discuss another case study and navigate how to coordinate and manage the closure of an audit report.

Both sessions are compulsory and run at the pre-determined online schedule. There would not be a repeat or substitute session for anyone who missed it.


Time Requirement Module 3 [1] & [2} Three Hours

More Information About IT DR Blended Learning

To know more about our blended learning program and when the next course is scheduled, contact our friendly course consultant colleagues via  They are the BL-DR-3 Blended Learning DR-300 IT Disaster Recovery Implementer and the BL-DR-5 Blended Learning DR-5000 IT Disaster Recovery Expert Implementer.

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