[BL-DR-3] [M2] What is Needed to Complete Module 2 of the DRP-5000 Blended Learning [BL-DR-5] Course?

After completing Module 1, the participant will proceed to complete Module 2 of the DRP-300 (Course code: BL-DR-3) which is also the DRP-5000 Blended learning (Course code: BL-DR-5).

Dr Lim Yew Ban

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What Are You Required to Complete for  Module 2 of the Blended Learning Programme?


Module 2: Facilitated Online Workshop

To complete Module 2 of the DRP-5000 Blended Learning (BL-DR-

5) / DRP-300 Blended Learning (BL-DR-3) course, participants are required to attend a walkthrough of the 4 phases of the DR Implementation process.  These are:

  1. Session 1a: Conduct a Risk Assessment for IT DR Planning
  2. Session 1b: Application Impact Analysis (AIA)
  3. Session 2a: IT Disaster Recovery Strategy
  4. Session 2b: Select DR Services
  5. Session 2c: Establish a DR Plan

Before attending each of the two facilitated online workshops, the typical activities to complete each of the four phases (RAR, AIA, DRS and RFP) are appended below.

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Note that this module also serves as Module 2 for participants attending the Blended Learning DRP-5000 course [BL-DR-5].

Sequence of A Typical Walkthrough of Each Phase

A typical walkthrough of a phase consists of the following:

  1. Pre-reading [Maximum of half hour]
  2. Download and Complete template [Maximum of one hour]
    • Supported by Guidance Notes

  3. BL-DR-2 M4 Course Content IT DRP-5000Attend a Facilitated Online Workshop [Maximum of one hour]

The detailed content of the course can be found by clicking the "Course Content" button on right.

 [1] Pre-reading



Pre-readings assigned are 2 blog articles. Participants are recommended to complete them before the session as it serves as 'bite-sized' background information, allowing participants to familiarize themselves with the concepts to be discussed.  It would also assist participants in the completion of their assignment in the following 1 hour online session.


Time Requirement
Module 2 [S1 to S4]
Half Hour x two (2) session


[2] Download and Complete Template

Once the schedule for the specific phase is confirmed, you will be notified to proceed to download the template and have your first attempt at completing the specific phase template. 

Compete Template (Assignment) Before Attending Facilitated Online Workshop

Supported by Guidance Notes

What if you are completing the form and do not understand the purpose or requirement of the field that you are completing?

Refer to the "guidance notes" as it provides a fairly comprehensive explanation for each field as required in the template.


The objective is to fully understand the purpose and requirement of each entry in the template before you attend the corresponding online workshop.

You may be wondering why you are doing the assignment when the lesson is not yet conducted.

It will also allow you to contextualize your business environment and ask related questions.


[2] Time Requirement
Module 2 [S1 to S4]
One Hour x two (2) sessions


[3] Attend Facilitated Online Workshop


For the BL-DR-3 or Blended Learning DRP-300 course, participants are required to attend four (4) online workshop sessions (one hour per session).  All sessions are compulsory and run at the pre-determined online schedule. There would not be a repeat or substitute session for anyone who missed it.

New BCM Planning Methodology

Session 1
  • Identify and Evaluate IT and Infrastructure Risks
  • Identify the Technical Considerations for DR Strategy
Session 2
  • Develop DR Strategies
  • Select DR Services
  • Establish a DR Plan
    • Understand the content and structure of a DR Plan

Submit your completed template to the facilitator within 2 days after the Facilitated Online session.  Do note that you should have completed the template before you attend the Online session.


Time Requirement
Module 2 [S1 to S2]
Three Hours x Two (2) sessions


More Information About IT DR Blended Learning

To know more about our blended learning program and when the next course is scheduled, feel free to contact our friendly course consultant colleagues via  They are the BL-DR-3 Blended Learning DR-300 IT Disaster Recovery Implementer and the BL-DR-5 Blended Learning DR-5000 IT Disaster Recovery Expert Implementer.

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  FAQ DRP-300 BL-DR-3 IT Disaster Recovery Implementer

Please feel free to send us a note if you have any of these questions to

FAQ [BL-DR] [5]  DRP-5000  



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