[BL-CC-3] What Certificates Will I Receive After Completing CC Blended Learning Training?

These are the certificates that you will receive upon completing CC-300 (Blended Learning) course.  The course is divided into 2 modules.  Module 1 is E-Learning (leading to CCCP) and Module 2 is Facilitated Learning Workshop (leading to the application for CCCS).

Thank you for your interest in our CC-300: Crisis Communication Implementer (Blended Learning) course.

On completion of Module 1: E-Learning, you will be receiving the certificate of completion (COC) for successfully completing the E-learning modules and this is followed by the award of the "Crisis Communication Certified Planner" or CCCP certification. Do note these certificates are softcopy certificates.

On successful completion of the Module 2: Facilitated Learning Workshop, participants are guided to apply for his or her Crisis Communication Certified Specialist or CCCS certification which requires the review by a certification review committee member to verify your one year of BCM experience.

Module 1

E-Learning: Crisis Management Fundamentals

Participants are to finish a short assessment (consist of 10 questions) that would assess their understanding of the various topics. Once you have completed the seven module, participants would be awarded a Certificate of Completion (COC) upon completing the entire module starting from "Overview of CC".  The topics (sub-modules) to be completed are: 

  1. Crisis Management Concepts
  2. Crisis Management Principles, Framework & Policies
  3. Crisis Types & Scenarios
  4. Crisis Management Team
  5. Threats & Crisis Scenarios
  6. Crisis Strategy Development
  7. Crisis Management Plan Implementation
  8. Advanced Level Testing & Exercising
Completed E-learning Module

You are expected to received a total of eight (8) Certificate of Completion (COC).

COC Sample

Sample of Certificate of Completion (COC)

Upon completing and receiving all 8 COC, participants will then be awarded the worldwide recognised Crisis Communication Certified Planner (CCCP).



Sample of  Crisis Communication Certified Planner (CCCP) certificate


Module 2

Facilitated Online Workshop


Morepost_Cert_ObtainCCUpon successful completing Module 2,  you are now qualified to apply for CCCS certification.


Apply for CCCS Certification


To be able to use your CCCS credential,  you need to submit an application form detailing your number of BCM Experience (minimum of 1 year for CCCS) and the 3 relevant body of knowledge that you experienced in for approval by our Certification Review Board.  Meanwhile, do not that the certification team from BCM Institute will also be contacting you should you not be able to download the CCCS application form.


Download a copy of CCCS application form and checklist.


For further enquiries, please contact us at

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