[BL-CC-3] Module (Day) 2 of CC-300 Crisis Communication  Implementer [BL-CC-5]

Below is the detailed course curriculum and objective of Day 2 of CC-300 / CC-5000 course.  It details how each day of the course would allow the participants to have a systematic understanding of the CC concepts and its implementation. 

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CC-5000 Crisis Communication Expert Implementer Training Roadmap [Module 2]

BL-CC-3 Course Introduction and Schedule

Description of Module [Day] 2 Course 

BL_CC-5000_Module2Module 2 aims to provide the participants with the knowledge to identify and categorise different types of crises through crisis risk assessment (CRA) techniques. This forms a foundation of the crisis management and communication process.

To enhance the learning experience, participants will have the opportunity to work through a crisis risk assessment template and present their work in class.

Common crisis communication strategies (CCS) will be shared with participants, and concepts will be reinforced using provided templates, discussions and presentations. 

New call-to-actionModule 2 will also provide an overview of the contents of a crisis communication plan, and how students can go about documenting the plan based on the crisis strategies developed earlier. Various components of the CC plan are discussed, along with emphasis on several key emergency procedures and SOPs. 


Detailed Course Content

Topic Description

Session 1

Conduct Crisis Risk Assessment (CRA)

  • Identify the types of crises (scenario) related to your organisation
  • Categorise the crisis into its category
  • Identify the treatment to the crisis scenarios
  • Relate to ISO 31000 Risk Management

Understand Purpose of Business Impact Analysis

  • Learn how critical business functions, product and service are analysed and priortised
  • Understand the retrieval of the BIA report from the BCM team

Session 2

Identify and Select Crisis Communication Strategy (CCS)

  • Understand types of crisis, business continuity and recovery strategy in response to the various crisis scenarios
  • Execute steps and options for crisis  communication strategy
  • Select appropriate CC strategy

Implement Crisis Communication Plan (CC Plan)

  • Determine major CC plan component and its design
  • Develop CC plan and procedures
  • Identify emergency and crisis responses
  • Understand CC plan content and templates
  • Implement crisis communications strategy

Exercise and Test CC Plan

  • Categorize basic and advanced level tests
  • Implement notification test and tabletop exercises
  • Execute CC team level exercises
  • Develop test plan, scenario and evaluation criteria
  • Relate to ISO 22398 Societal Security - Guidelines for Exercises


Phases Learning Roadmap  CC-300-CC-400-CC-5000 Crisis Communication Course Phases

Participants should be able to manage and deploy all the CC templates in their organization. They are:

  • Crisis Risk Assessment
  • Business Impact Analysis (Preview to content)
  • Crisis Communication Strategy
  • Crisis Communication Plan
  • Testing and Exercising (Review of templates)

More Information About Crisis Communication Blended Learning

To know more about our blended learning program and when the next course is scheduled, feel free to contact our friendly course consultant colleagues via  They are the BL-CC-3 Blended Learning CC-300 Crisis Communication Implementer and the BL-CC-5 Blended Learning CC-5000 Crisis Communication Expert Implementer.


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