[BL-A-5] [M3] What is Needed to Complete Module 3 of the BCM-8530 Blended Learning  Course?

Module 3 is a continuation of the theory followed by application of knowledge on an actual Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) and the differentiating factor of this course is that you are performing hands-on on an actual live BCM system which gives you an insight of a real audit instead of the usual case study. 

This section details what one would expect when participating in Module 3 of the course.

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IC_BL-A-5_Module3Module 3: Web Training and Discussion Workshop

To complete Module 3 of the BL-B-5 or Blended Learning BCM-8530 course, participants are required to attend two 1/2 day sessions for module 3.

The sequence of A Typical 1/2 day Session


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A typical walkthrough of each 1/2 day consists of the following:

  1. Pre-reading [Maximum of one hour]
  2. Attending Facilitated Online Workshop [Maximum of three-hour]

Phases Learning Roadmap BCM-200-8050-8530 Learning RoadmapThe content of the course is found in Advanced BCM Workshop 1 Module 3



 [1] Pre-reading

IC_BL_PreReadingA Manager’s Guide to Auditing & Reviewing Your Business Continuity Management ProgramPre-readings assigned are 2 blogs and 2 chapters of the A Manager’s Guide to Auditing & Reviewing Your Business Continuity Management Program. Participants are recommended to complete them before the facilitated online session. This serves as  'bite-sized' background information, allowing participants to familiarize themselves with the concepts to be discussed.  It would also assist participants in the completion of their assignment in the following  1 hour online session.


[1] Time Requirement
Module 3 [1]
[Twice] One Hour 


[2] Attend Facilitated Online Training

All participants of the Blended Learning BCM-8530 ISO22301 BCMS Lead Auditor [BL-A-5] course are to attend two 3-hour facilitated online training sessions.  Facilitated by an industry practitioner, the two 3-hour sessions would concentrate on:

  • The learning from auditing an organisation
  • the conduct of a BCM audit Interview
  • the presentation of findings of Audit

Participants are free to ask and seek clarifications during the online training with the facilitator on hand.

Both sessions are compulsory for anyone who has signed up for the Blended Learning BCM-8530 (BL-A-5) programme.


[2] Time Requirement Module 3 [2] [Twice] Three-Hour

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