[BL-CM-5] [Run 2A] CM-5000 Blended Learning Course Schedule 2021

This is the schedule for Run 2A of the Blended Learning CM-5000 Course for year 2021.   The content is the detailed schedule starting from 1 March and ending on 25 March 2021. 

This course run is dedicated for those who wish to experience a 'face to face' learning for a better exposure and interactions with the facilitator. Participants are required to fulfill Module 1 and Module 2 as Blended/Online Learning, and complete Module 3 and Module 4 by attending two (2) one-day physical classes.

This training is offered to Singapore-based participants only. Please contact our local office for further information.

This schedule must be complied with as per notification sent to you by BCM Institute's Program Management team.

Suhana Sunreh
IC_BL-CM-5_CourseScheduleNew call-to-actionThis is the Run 2A of CM-5000 Crisis Management Expert Implementer Blended Learning [BL-CM-5] for the year 2021.

For those who are completing the CM-300 Blended Learning [BL-CM-3], you are required to complete Module 1 and Module 2 only.

The detailed schedule for Run 2A is as appended below.

Year & Run [BL-CM-5] 2021 Run 2A
Quarter March 2021
Module IC_BL-CM-5_Mod1 IC_BL-CM-5_Mod2 IC_BL-CM-5_Mod3 IC_BL-CM-5_Mod4
Start date 1 Mar 21 * 16 Mar 21 Onsite
24 Mar 21
25 Mar 21 +
End date 14 Mar 21 23 Mar 21

 * Module 1 can start any time but must end before Module 2 starts.

 +Every student is required to sit for the CMCE Qualifying exam (See note after Module 4)

Click the icon "Course Content" and "Course Requirement" at each Module to find out more about the course content (Syllabus) and course requirement (What is your involvement and participation?) for each module


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Module 1 [M1]

BL-CM-5 M1 Course Requirement CM-5000



Duration 1 to 14 Mar 2021 Start and end date for module 2 IC_BL-CM-5_Mod1
Week 2 Elapse time assigned for this module  
Self Pace Learning (Total) 8 hours 1 hour per E-learning sub-module done online at your own pace. It can also be done earlier than the proposed 2 weeks.  There is eight modules. IC_BL_BIA
Outcome   Complete Crisis Management Certified Planner exam as part of the E-Learning assessment.   Crisis Management Certified Planner (CMCP)



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Module 2 [M2]

BL-CM-5 M2 Course Requirement CM-5000

Web Training and Discussion Workshop


Duration 16 to 23 Mar 21 Start and end date for module IC_BL-CM-5_Mod2
Week 2 Elapse time assigned for this module  
Self Study (Total) 2 hours Total time (in hours) needed for offline pre-reading, self study and completion of assignment IC_BL_PreReading
Attend Workshop (Total) 6 hours Compulsory attendance for scheduled sessions scheduled time allocated.  Facilitators would be online to guide you and your workshop discussions.  IC_BL_TE


Session Code Learning Activity Duration (Hour) Date/  Deadline Time (GMT+8) Compulsory Attendance
M2-S1 Pre-reading 1/2  12 Mar - IC_BL_PreReading
CRA, CM Strategy, CM Plan Template Completion 1 13 Mar  - IC_BL_Result
Workshop  1 16 Mar 2:00 pm IC_BL_TE
Submit Assignment 1/2 17 Mar 11:59 pm  IC_BL_PD
M2-S2 Pre-reading 1/2 19 Mar - IC_BL_PreReading
Class Presentation Workshop 1 23 Mar 2:00 pm  IC_BL_TE
Submit Assignment 1/2 24 Mar  11:59 pm IC_BL_PD


BL-CM-5 M3 Course Content CM-5000

Module 3 [M3]

BL-CM-5 M3 Course Requirement CM-5000

Day 1: Physical Training


Duration 24 Mar 2021 Start and end date for module. IC_BL-CM-5_Mod3
Attend Workshop (Total) 8 hours Compulsory attendance. IC_BL_TE


Session Code Learning Activity Duration Date Time Venue
M3 (Day 1) Key roles and responsibilities of the Crisis Management Team 8 hour 24 Mar 9am to 5pm BCMI SG Office



BL-CM-5 M4 Course Content CM-5000 Module 4 [M4] BL-CM-5 M4 Course Requirement CM-5000

Day 2: Physical Training


Duration 25 Mar 21 Start and end date for module IC_BL-CM-5_Mod4
Attend Workshop (Total) 8 hours Compulsory attendance.  IC_BL_TE


Session Code Learning Activity Duration Date Time Venue
M4 (Day 2) Review the overall CM framework  8 hour 25 Mar 9am to 5pm BCMI SG Office




CITREP+ [BL-CM-5] Getting Ready for Exam Qualifying CMCE Examination Crisis Management Certified Expert (CMCE)

Qualifying CMCE Examination 


Date 26 Mar 2021 Compulsory Attendance
Time 9.30 am to 1.00 pm
Duration 3 -1/2 hour Maximum time allocated for online multiple choice question (MCQ) exam examination
Exam 150 MCQ This 150 multiple-choice question (MCQ) examination is conducted on the following week of the last workshop

Do you have any questions on our CM-300 Blended Learning [BL-CM-3] and CM-5000 Blended Learning [BL-CM-5]?  

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