[CITREP+] How Do I Make My Claim After Passing My Expert Level Examination?

Once you have successfully attempted your expert level (NBCCE; CMCE; DRCE and BCCLA) examination,  you will be notified immediately upon completing the examination at BCM Institute.  You can now proceed to make your CITREP+ claim.  If you are company-sponsored, do note that the documentation are sent to you and you would have to liaise with your Human Resource or Training Department to do the necessary processing.  If you are self-sponsored, these are the necessary steps to be taken for the claim to be completed.

Suhana Sunreh
CITREP+ [BL-B-5] Getting Ready for Exam CITREP+ [BL-CM-5] Getting Ready for Exam
CITREP+ [BL-D-5] Certification Issued After Exam CITREP+ [BL-A-5] Certification Issued After Exam

Congratulations! on passing the BCM expert level examination!

As your results will be notified to you immediately after your siting of the examination, BCM Institute's examination department will notify you officially of the results. 


Follow the comprehensive CITREP+ step-by-step claim guide to make your claim:

Upon official notification, the Singapore programme management team will provide you with the following documents for you to provide in CITREP+ portal when making your claim. CITREP+ [BL-B-5] Certification Issued After Exam

  1. Invoice
  2. Receipt
  3. Direct Credit Authorisation (DCA) Form
  4. Printout copy of SkillsFuture Credit ‘Claim Applications’ transaction history:
    • Self-sponsored: If you have paid part of the course fees using your Skillsfuture credit
    • SME Company-sponsored: Company’s Declaration of SME Status for Funding Support
  5. Signed Attendance List
  6. Email Results
  7. Certificate of attendance [COA] 
  8. Planner level certificate {Read more on why you are receiving your BCCP certificate]

Save a copy of these documents on your side and upload it to the portal. All applicants must submit the online claim application via the ICMS system ( within three (3) months from the actual completion date. Please note that you are claiming for the CITREP+ program.

It is mandatory to upload the supporting documents as soft copies during the online claim submission. For documents that are not uploaded successfully, you may email to or submit by mail to IMDA.

Is there a confirmation email stating that I have successfully made the claim? 

Upon course completion, you are able to submit a claim application in ICMS ( based on your enrolments. Information such as Course Title, Training Dates and Course fees will be reflected in it. During the claim application process, you would receive an automated acknowledgement email on the status.

It would also indicate the basic information such as Course Title, Training Dates and Course Fees for the applicant’s reference. All this information is also available in ICMS. You may refer to “Total Claim Amount” indicated in ICMS as the reimbursed fees for the course.



For a successful application, the disbursement will be made via GIRO to the Applicant within 3 weeks from the approval notification. It is the responsibility of the Applicant to ensure
that the details such as payee’s name, mailing address and contact information provided at the point of application are correct.

We hope that you had a pleasant and memorable experience with us.


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